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Thursday, February 10, 2005
Looking Back- The Perfect Moment
I've had so much fun thinking back to good times with ex boyfriends and ex-hookups that I decided to write yet another one (it doesn't hurt to show my softer side, as I was told kindly by one commenter).

Here's another great story about V. Whomever he ended up marrying is a very lucky woman because I haven't found a man that has come near what I saw in him, but I'm still looking and I have a lot of hope in Drk. There's just something about him that makes me think that he could surpass any expectations. Hopefully I haven't completely ruined that with my crazy ways.

One really warm April day V and I decided to go hiking to "practice" for our upcoming hiking trip that was coming up at the end of April. We must've looked pretty darn ridiculous walking around the incredibly flat, state park with our packs completely full (providing the necessary verisimilitude of weight). As always it was nice just to be around him because he calmed me. Alone, I'm rash and impulsive (which is what make me, me and I like that) but it was nice at times to slow it all down and drink it in, rather than rush off to the next thing.

After our two hour hike we decided to go back to my mom's house. At this point, he too had moved to his parents' home because of the breakup/move out. My mom was very understanding of our umm "needs" so he was allowed to stay over any time he liked. His parents made me sleep downstairs on the couch, which was fine but needless to say, we spent most of our time at my house.

Now V was a beer connoisseur, I love beer but he looooved it. He would always shove a different bottle under my nose and force me to first sniff it, then drink it and then discuss it. He was appalled that I had never had Dead Guy Ale (one of absolute favs now) and so we scurried to the local beer distributor. There I had to introduce my "nice young man" to Carol, the owner who has known me since I was going in there to buy Black Cherry Wishnik soda with my daddy. We left the distributor with a case of twenty-two ounce beers. We picked up a pizza from my favorite pizzeria growing up...(in a way, it was nice moving home that year because I felt like I was visiting my old favorite tourist attractions) and we went home to sit on the porch.

There we sat, drinking beers and gorging ourselves on pizza when V grabbed my hand and said, "C'mon."
"MMMphf?" I questioned as I gulped down the pizza.
"Look how gorgeous the sunset is, bring your beer."

We were drinking the beer out of my dad's enormous beer mugs (which I could hardly hold up, let alone drink from), and we strolled hand in hand up the street, past Josh's house towards the horizon, my beer sloshing over the edge of the glass and splashing on both me and the street.

"What's that?" he asked as he pointed.
"Oh that's Old So and So's house, he's a rich eccentric guy that lives on that horse farm."
"Cool, let's go down there! Have you ever been?"
"Umm no. We were told when we were little that he'd come outside carrying a shotgun and would wave it yelling at kids."
"Hmm," he said as he slipped underneath the fence rail, "C'mon."
I slipped under without a second's thought.
He pointed stuff out left and right exclaiming, "How cool." and "Look at that bird in his pond, do you think he bought that?" and all kinds of funny questions that made me feel like I was walking with a dazzled four year old.

We sat on the top of the hill in the high grass, waiting for the sun to set. As we did, he kissed my hand. He kissed my chin, cheeks and nose. He smelled me.
"You smell like warmth, like all good stuff," with his eyes closed and inhaling deeply. I leaned into his shoulder and nuzzled that spot right between his neck and shoulder and reciprocated the sniffing process.
"You smell like everything I've always wanted." (and sadly, I didn't feel silly saying it)
We stared into each other's eyes, both of our best features; mine a sparkly sapphire color with specks of yellow in my iris, and his; the most verdant deepest green color until we couldn't see anything because it was so dark out.

We stood up, walked lazily back to my mom's house where I had left the cd changer playing on the porch. My mom must've had a Van Morrison moment in the recent past because V grabbed me quickly and swept me around the back yard to Moondance, The Way Lovers Do and about every other song that really didn't need to be slow danced to. But we danced closely under the stars while he whispered lists of what made him think about me during the day, and I tipped my head up to him and whispered what was most unforgettable about him. And that was my most perfect moment ever.

I hope to have another more perfect one. But if I don't, I'll be ok with the one I had. That woman really is a lucky one, as I'm sure he is too.
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