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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
I Was at the Bar for an Hour and a Half and...
I learned so much about my sweet, sweet Drk. THITWbar was as dead as a doornail. Cr believes because of the Mardi Gras celebrations from the night before, but literally there were about 15 people at the bar when typically there are between 70-100 (which isn't bad for a Weds). But I was ok with that because I got to have a little one on one time (granted, not the type I want) with Drk. I learned several things about him tonight, and as always, I'm in the sharing mood.

1.I have pinpointed where his parents live in the neighborhood. I thought I knew, but I wasn't totally sure. Now I am, because his stupid neighbor is my student who calls me a bitch all the time. It's pretty cool because our address is almost the same except for one word, but the street number and all is the same (this is a big thing in stalker world). If I am correct in the house thing, his parents' dog often tries to kill my canine kings.

2. I mentioned that my one dog and I saw him at the local 7/11 today and yesterday (umm hi stalker, which isn't where I was going with that) buying his cancer sticks. This made me learn that he has quit quitting and that if you mention the word cigarette or cancer stick he will light up. Next time I'm going to bring my inhaler just to scare him (even though I'm dumb and smoke the occasional drunken cigarette).

3. Drk believes he's a charmer. He "charmed" his way through high school. He'd "refuse to do the work, but they'd still pass him--both men and women, because he's a charmer." To that I said, "If you tried to pull that shit with me you'd fail,bitch" (Actually I didn't say that...I think I said, "Oh so the little man thinks he's a charmer." But I'm trying to block out the fact that I called Drk a little man to his face.

4. His band played their first gig. It was a success. I learned that I wasn't invited this time. I learned that they did "good" and I learned that I will correct a man's English only when I love them...because I never corrected anyone before. I felt very school marmish and I wanted to fall off my barstool and to disappear somewhere deep in the floorboards (for the second time tonight, after the "little man comment"). I also learned that I'm jealous of all the people who got to hear Drk play because that night I was at THITWbar drinking until I puked (literally/sadly).

5. I learned that Drk and I can argue about who's a dirtier (as in messier) person. He kept describing a war torn scene of pots and pans, one clean fork and nothing else. Cr rolled her eyes at him because we both know that as a single woman I take the cake for slovenliness (he has roommates to help him). But as this is probably not the most attractive feature in a woman, we let him slide. I giggled, however, at the fact that it took him thirty minutes to make Kraft Mac and Cheese because there were no clean pots, no clean plates and not one single clean fork (use a spoon Drk...or your hands, that's what I do sweetie!). But it's nice to know that "when our love is finally realized" (ha ha) that we'll have to hire some maids because we're both lazy bastards. However, I'm not stupid enough to hire hot women with cute french maid outfits. Our maids will look like plumbers.

6. I learned that Drk "sucks at English" in fact my correction to his improper grammar took about a minute to sink in (only because he could care less and it didn't phase him). This makes me happy, because I can give him after school tutorials and I won't go to jail for it (because he's 24 people! I wouldn't give any non legit tutorials just to be clear)

7. My hottie's beard is growing back which makes me quite happy. We discussed it because Cr liked the clean shaven look. Drk (my hottie, in case someone needs clarification) has gotten mixed reviews. I told him looked "funny without it" and then continued with, "Funny ha ha" to which he responded, "So I'm a fucking clown!" which means that he's watched a movie once or twice and one of the movies that he's seen was Good Fellas. It's also good because he now knows that I've seen more movies than just the Olsen twins hit "A New York Minute" actually I've never seen it...and I'd poke my eyes out if I was subjected to it (guys, I can see the draw for you. But for me? There's nothing, probably not even a plot!).

8. He would wear my feminine clothes (and I think that's hot). We were talking about how slovenly I am and how it stems from the fact that I moved from one house that had walk in closets to my current house which does not. I need more closet space (actually, I need to just freakin' hang up something! There is one outfit hanging up, the rest are on the floor!). I told him that it made me sad to give my clothes to GoodWill because then the kids end up wearing my clothes to school (which has happened). I said to him,"I'm surprised that people don't drop stuff off at your place" (a church, actually a synagogue now that I've read the old sign--sorry). He said, "I wouldn't mind that, I'm not a proud man."
"I'll keep that in mind. I'll start dropping off my feminine clothes off to you."
"Are they clean? I'll wear them? No shame in clean clothes" (God, can he get any sweeter? My Drk wearing my dresses??? I'm a mess, I know!)

9. He knows I have an amazing memory AND acknowledged that I'm smart! He even cited two occasions where I talked to people that I had known when I was a little kid (Eric who sat next to me in our kindergarten picture, and Carly, who was my best friend in second grade). He looked impressed by this freakishness...I like to impress my men with my mental feats.

10. He doesn't think I'm an alcoholic. We were talking about the above stuff and I said, "I may drink too much but I'm book smart" and he looked at me and said,
"Have you ever died from drinking?"
"Then you don't drink too much."
Ok, that's just barroom banter,but I'm taking it to heart! So there.

Not going to lie--loving him more and more.
Plus...............I left sober, which is a nice treat for him (3 molson goldens)

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