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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
The Boy Next Door-Part II
After our first kiss, I knew that it was our destiny to be together. I mean come on, I'd liked him since I was five. We continued with the marathon make out sessions for what seems like forever. Once when my mom and dad went out for the night, I turned down all my friend's offers to go to the movies (god we were so squeaky clean back then) and I planned on calling Josh over to the house.

I called and he said that he would be right over. It took him a whole minute to exit his front door and enter mine. I wasn't even sure what I was doing, but I knew that I wanted more than just the kissing. I took him upstairs, but I was immediately embarassed because my room was soo girly (and I had moved well beyond that...but my parent's budget hadn't) so I detoured and took him into my parent's room (which of course added an even greater shiver of badness to me). We started making out. We got my shirt and bra off which wasn't out of the ordinary and he started to undo my jeans (like the good virgin, I had worn button flies...simply because I wasn't thinking). I protested but let him at least get his hand in my pants, I just wouldn't let him totally unsnap them (poor kid's wrist was probably about the fall off). In my head I kept thinking, "What the hell am I doing? and then I'd say, "It's just Josh, you've known him your entire life." He should've just coninued with the buttons because my protests were just little murmurs, they weren't shouts of outrage or anything (but he obviously listened to the 'no means no' mantra, so he was a good guy). Then he makes the second biggest blunder of the evening (the first is yet to come)...he asks me, "Can I go down on you? I want to eat you out." Had he just started doing what he asked for permission to would've happened. But this good girl could not consent. Josh was a good sport, he moved back to body parts he knew he was allowed to fondle and then he said, "M, you have big nipples" (for the record, it's not like they're huge or anything!). My cheeks got red and I got huffy, "I think you should go home." and I didn't make out with him again for another six years until I was twenty-two. Never thinking that he only had one other set of nipples to compare mine to, and I'm guessing she had really small ones.

The next installment of the story...we meet again at the ages of 22 and 23.
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