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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Veronica Mars is a rerun, in fact it's the very first episode so you could all be watching it from the start! Now you may think that it's a stupid teen show like Dawson's Creek or something which it may be to an extent, but if you ever liked Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys then this is right up your alley. As I am a dork, I like both as a child and so it's only fitting that I devote my Tuesdays to this show.

In lieu of V. Mars, I flicked on "High School Reunion III" which is on the "WB" That right there should've been the first clue...Wow, can anyone say trainwrecks? These people are really hung up on their high school lives. It's kind of hard for me to remember anything of significance from high school. I mean except for that time when I won Prom Queen and they dumped pig's blood on me...but other than that? nope...nothing!

In proper Ernts fashion, I had nothing to post about so I just posted my bloody heart out about nothing! It can be done people.
posted by Melina at 9:14 PM