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Sunday, January 16, 2005
The Recap
As expected, my ma did hang her head down and sigh, "Melina, I thought we were going to work towards building positive relationships with men. I want to be a grandmother some day." I apologized profusely and then promptly told her that I have been having lots of sex which could still get her grandchildren...that went over about as well as a lead zeppelin. I got the glare, until I promised that I've been well protected (which is true). It felt like the episode of 90210 when they found Brenda's pregnancy test.

I also met Cr's W tonight, he is handsome, articulate, intelligent and probably thinks I'm a nut job because I talked about Drk for quite a while (I had to fill Cr in, we spent this whole weekend apart, which rarely happens).

Cr's mom got to hang out with Sweet Cheeks, and although he was attentive and sweet (at least in my eyes), I still don't think the spark is there for Cr's ma. Well I think I know a thing or two about that (Drk and myself, if you couldn't figure it out)...but it sucks for Sweet Cheeks because he definitely has it bad for her!
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