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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
I Can Almost Die Happy...Almost
So I can almost die happy...almost. So Cr, her mom and I went to THITWbar to grab a few brews and of course it's wings night (and of course there is the slight draw of a certain cook). Well the night instantly was wonderful when Drk was our bartender. Our regular bartender's girlfriend had a baby last night so Drk got to moonlight. As I walked in the door he scampered over to the cooler and pulled out Cr and my beers of choice (sorry Ernts, not Yuengling). As I bellied up to the bar I say, "This must be a sign that I should start drinking less" (jeez what makes you think so Melina?) and Drk responds, "Nah, I'm just that good" Melina is dumbfounded/awestruck, typically she'd have some kind of Mae West double entendre, but instead just smiles weakly because in her head she keeps repeating, "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" (which is a really funny statement for an atheist!).

On to the part where I can die happy...since I want to go to bed.

I've been trying to behave myself and show him that I'm not a total drunk all the time so I've been pacing my beers. I had a half full beer, Cr had an empty as did her mom (by the way, her mom's just recently divorced and that's why she's out with us). Drk sweeps over to me with a full beer and sets it next to my half full one. I stutter, "Um, I'm only have done...sorry did I ask for that?" actually confused, not copping an attitude. All Derek does is smile this beautiful half smile, which is so much more attractive than his full bartender smile that hides that secret, "I know-you're-drunk-and-I -hate-you-but-i-want-your-tip-money." That half smile was reserved for me tonight. And to make that moment better he just says,"My bad." Keep in mind that he's younger than me, so "my bad" is like honeyed words. He refills Cr's and mom's drink and takes the money for their drinks and I say because I wanted confirmation, "Drk, I didn't pay for my beer," and he said to me, "I don't charge people for drinks they didn't ask for." Ok, so he didn't come out and say he loved me or anything but obviously he doesn't think I'm a stalker, because no one throws a stalker a bone like that! I can fantasize for days on that one...luckily I only have to wait until tomorrow night! This plan is paying off in slow increments, but I'm enjoying it.
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