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Monday, January 10, 2005
Finally, He Loves Me...or Something Close!
So tonight Cr had a didn't go well. It actually went just fine and the conversation was great but the attraction just wasn't there. Oh and the fact that he was like 5'3" and Crystal is 5'1", she feels it's a crime to subject her children to midgetry (not that there's anything wrong with that). She called me from said date and asked me if we could go for a drink or two at where else but, THITWbar. I agreed, and so we went. We continued our talk, it went well. It's over.

Then nice things happened. As soon as I arrived, Drk came over to talk with me. Awkward conversation ensued. After you tell someone that they will love you if they knew you, you kind of deadpan...which really contradicts the statement I made. He starts writing on a order notepad. "Is he writing me a love note?" I wonder (and as it turned out, cr wondered as well), but no he didn't, he was collecting the beer order that he had to go in the basement to get. Awkward, yet glorious conversation ended as Drk scampered (and I do mean that he scampers, he's like tiny wildlife) back into the kitchen and I glowed. Granted, I think I said "uhh huh" and "yeah" maybe even a "totally" but our conversation made me giddy. Cr knew this and we analyzed the play by play. We had everything except for the touch screen to circle stuff. I didn't need it. I'm running on faith. He's going to love me...eventually. Maybe when I'm dead.

The best part! He comes back out and hands me a tiny little flyer. I remember that his birthday is coming up. Luckily, the stalker can't remember the date so I say, "Don't you have a bday coming up." The cook who is a god replies, "Yeah it's on the same date that my band is playing...look at the flyer." Ladies and gentlemen, Drk invited me to his band's first show, which is on his birthday! Hope springs eternal! As the Rolling Stones once said, "Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away," I'm so there.

Actually, if nothing else, we're getting to be friends. It's one thing to lust after his slight frame, lack of ass and everything else which makes him so fucking hot to's a whole 'nother thing to lust after your friend. Kind of pervy, and I like it!
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