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Monday, January 10, 2005
The Talk
I debated on how to have "the talk" with Cr last night, because she is my best friend. By best friend I mean she put herself totally out on a limb this summer to make herself available to me and to help me out in ways that no one else was/would be willing to do. So that's why I wasn't so willing to just see this as a black and white issue. I knew that she didn't have bad intentions and I figured she got the ball rolling when she was three quarters in the bag. I was right.

I knew that emotionally I was in no state to actually have this conversation because if I had been set off balance in the slightest I would've breathed fire, and/or suffered from the "ugly cry" (the ugly cry is when you kind of inhale and wail, snort and shake body/contort face simultaneously) because I was definitely chemically imbalanced yesterday. I cried at no less than four commercials, one of them being the Blockbuster commercial about no more late fees (Melina sobs gently, "Isn't that so nice of them...I just love them...") Yeah it was that bad. It doesn't happen to me consistently every month, but once in a blue moon I am completely afflicted and crippled by hyper emotionality/irrationality. Not that I was irrational this time, but I was definitely emotional. Let's just say it's good to be out of the Land of Kleenex. My nose is still a little pink from the whole ordeal.

I decided to send Cr an email telling her how I felt because then I could word it the way I wanted to and I wouldn't say anything I would regret. Don't get me wrong, we'll actually sit down and talk but my primary goal was to tell her how I felt. She responded immediately (like 30 seconds immediately), in fact because she was composing a similar email. Chalk it up to too much alcohol, and bad ideas and that's where Cr was coming from. I accept that. It's not an excuse, it's just what happened, and when she was sober she rethought the whole thing and realized her priorities. And this ever happens again, I vow to sleep with her husband when she gets married (I'm kidding...I think).

But seriously folks--isn't the important part of this whole story that Drk is still mine?... At least until someone who I'm not friends with sweeps him off his little feet!
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