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Thursday, January 06, 2005
Isn't it funny that that word is still in our vernacular well beyond our high school days? My friend last night was dumped via the telephone last night. A man who shall remain nameless decided to stay with his girlfriend whom he initially left for my friend Ml. He stayed for vague reasons...he felt he "owed" her the time since they had been together for four years. To that my friend Ml wished she had said, "And my feelings mean nothing just because you've all known me for a few months?" But alas, she did not say those things because when you're being dumped, the thinking process is impaired. So it was after the dumping that we took to the firehall to drink cheaply and write on paper plates all the things that Ml should've said...had she had her wits about her. It was entitled, "50 things I forgot to say to (insert your favorite loser's name here)." Nobly titled, we only got to twelve and that's because I was creative with #9 and #11.
We started said list at the firehall and then moved on to THITW bar to meet Cr. Ml could not stay long though, as alcohol is a depressant she grew weepy eyed as the (early) night progressed. We continued to work on the list and I'm sure Drk was shaking in his little black sneakers when he saw me writing on paper products! However, I was merely taking dictation from my dear friend. Like a lady, she decided to depart--she slipped out in the night clutching her list, slurring, "I think I'm gonna call him and tell him these...and if get the girlfriend...even better!" (I'm embellishing the slurring, but the rest is fairly accurate). As I watched my friend leave, I quickly thought of the Virgin Mobil phone thing where you can voluntarily block phone calls for one night and wished that we lived anywhere near a country with that capability.
Alone, Cr (who looked absolutely stunning in a revealing little top--who're you impressing in THITW? Everyone!) and I chatted a little and I got a few glimpses of the man I should've bore children for. He looked adorable, draped in a cute little apron...making sandwiches, making fun of the awesomely bad music being played (picture TATU in a dive bar...enough said), just being the cute cook at the bar in general. I caught his eye and I waved, and that was it, that was all I did--so I was a good girl right? I'm driving down the road back from Crazy Town (not the awful band...the theoretical place located somewhere off the deep end). It wasn't any fun at all to just sit still and not attempt to make him love me, but it was the sane thing to do.
Now that my lustful eyes are less glazed over, I realized that he's really short (not just endearingly so), he kind has stumpy legs, and a small head, he's pale...but I think I'm just compensating since he didn't end up in lust or love with me (sniff, I'll be ok). Even with all of those 'defects' he'll always been my sexy pinnup boy! Maybe the next week stretch of break I get I'll try again. Maybe he'll come around Perhaps around April? A girl's gotta dream!
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