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Thursday, January 13, 2005
Phone Calls...
So it appears that I'm being stalked just as Drk is being stalked which gives this whole thing a very Shakespearean play within a play feel. Ladies and gentlemen enter the Mousetrap. Over the past few nights I keep getting strange ID Blocked, or No ID Availables on my cell phone. I pick up, no one responds to my "Hellos." Fine, whatever. At first I thought that maybe it was just someone trying to figure out who I am and when did I give them that I'm not so sure. It may not appear odd to you but, I really only talk to a few people on my cell phone.

Last night I received several more of these untraceable phone calls. I also received a couple text messages that had no return address in the early evening...inviting me to THITWbar by name, and then telling me that they had left THITWbar. This wasn't ominous or anything, it was just weird. I should've gone up and checked out who was there. But I didn't because it was 5:30 and I wanted to eat, not play Columbo.

I figured maybe it was J, because he has a couple screws loose so it seems like just the thing that he would do--block his number and all that jazz, just to call and see (hear) what I was up to. So I send him a text message, "Did you just text me about coming the THITWbar?" He calls me two seconds later.
"No I don't have texting capabilities on my phone," he states adding, "It must be someone else who has been trying to chase you down." (I'm impressed with him using the words capabilities. I'm sad that I'm impressed for him. Word power is not his strong suit. I'm actually not sure what his strong suit might be).
I still don't believe him.
"Were you at THITWbar tonight?"
"Uh no, I live in the opposite direction and the owners would appreciate it if I didn't start coming back around there."
Oh? I'm silenced again. Is he lying? Why am I that worked up about these phone calls? I'm not really, the phone calls just creep me out because no one hangs up, but no one speaks either. I end my conversation with J after I agree with him that we should spend some "quality" time together which was easier than explaining that there probably is a reason why we haven't hung out in a year and a half and after I listen to him tell me that he's getting "his act together" (is that why he calls me at 3:30 and 5:30 in the am?!?). I remind him not to call me at those times and that his cut off is 1 am (and that he can call on the weekends only). I sit back down and find where I left off in my poorly written psychological thriller that has (I found out with dread) a sci-fi twist in it. My OCD forces me to finish a book that I've started, so I continue on with the predictable plot at the pace of a death march.
My phone rings. Caller ID Blocked. I'm the only one who talks.
"Answer me if you have a large penis."
no answer
I giggle, most likely because I'm an idiot, partially out of nervousness.
"I guess it's a small one, hope you have a good personality then! Talk with you later!"
I hang up the phone and realize that I just threw stones at some psycho over the telephone wire (radio wave??). Hope he doesn't know where I live! If I don't post again, you know what happened to me!
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