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Saturday, January 15, 2005
My Happy Hour Lasted Nine Hours--Ouch!
So I'm suffering majorly from a hangover this morning...I know, it's shocking. Ml and I went out around 4:30 for "happy hour"...We had a few drinks, then we went to THITWbar for dinner. Drk made us the most scrumptious burgers ever! God I love him! I am so proud of myself, I was able to hang almost all night. This is the result of vigorous training and a little thing I like to call tolerance. Chelle came out last night too and met the "man that she's going to marry" according to her. Funny thing, I have three pictures of him from the night that I was really drunk and took pictures of all the men in the bar. Needless to say--Chelle brought him home (to my house aka the den of iniquity) and they were so cute and Brady bunch-like (how do you bring someone home and not have sex with him? That's will power, what the hell is that?) Meanwhile, Matty and I were ripping each other's clothes off and apparently making lots and lots of noise. (I'll get into that more a little later)I think at first Chelle was a little skeptical about the whole THITWbar scene but she had a good time. In a couple of days it'll be "that asshole that she met at THITWbar" and somehow it'll be all my fault-but for right now she's making wedding plans and figuring out what their children will look like.
Things got even more interesting when what should my wondering eyes should appear, but Matty! I love my luck sometimes. I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks since I had the hottest sex of my life and because we never exchanged numbers I couldn't call him, which is probably a good thing because I'd call him every day!. It kills me that a 23-24 year old does this for me, but he does. What the hell am I talking about? Drk turns 24 next Saturday, and I love him even more than Matty! However, Drk runs hot and cold when dealing with me and lately he has be running very cold. I can wait for him forever, but while I wait I can have sex with other people right? I guess that really doesn't constitute as waiting, huh? Well if I actually waited for him to fall in love with me, it would be a very long wait--where's the fun in that? So Drk gave me little to no attention last night, I think because Sweet Cheeks was there...but maybe for other reasons, who knows anymore? Lusting after a man who is only interested in you every third Wednesday give or take for this long really takes it out of you, I swear. He gives me hope and then he yanks it away. I doubt I helped my odds when I left the bar with Matty. Typically, I'm sly and I slip out...but last night I think I announced to the bar and to Matty that he was the best piece of ass ever and that I would appreciate a repeat performance. Hey, no one ever said I was a classy girl! Needless to say, Matty and I left the bar about a half hour after he got there and all I can say again is that I'm a very lucky girl!

This morning I woke out of my stupor and let the dogs out and I guess woke Matty up. He was late for work. I laughed so hard when he mutters to me, "I'm always losing my underwear here!" because I'm a slob and three quarters of my wardrobe is on my bedroom floor. I got up and dug through the scattered clothing that we discarded last night and found the missing boxers. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and said, "I'll call you." I smiled and rolled over to go back to sleep...when I woke up I realized I hadn't given him my number again!
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