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Monday, January 17, 2005
Tears and Amazement
Today I started my day with tears. Tears of sadness comingled with tears of admiration. Every year on Martin Luther King Day I like to take time and read some of his speeches and letters and reflect. I've been doing this since I was a teenager after reading his letters from the Birmingham jail in tenth grade. And every year I cry because such a man with foresight and love in his heart was murdered. So that was the tears portion of my day. Here comes the amazement portion.
Cr called me around three to see if I wanted to grab some food with her and her mom and then go to Target. I said, "Sure" because I had to get away from what I was doing--which was taking hours upon hours. We went out and had some girl talk. First, we talked about Sweet Cheeks. I really don't think Cr's mom likes him. I've alluded to this before but I think that she's nervous about not accepting dates from him because I think that she thinks (how convuluted is this sentence getting?!?) that she'll be disappointed both Cr and myself. The spark must not be there for her because he truly has been amazing towards her. Instead, she likes this other man who calls her and propositions her, when he knows that her religious convictions will not allow her to do such things, but I guess he's hoping that she'll break down or something...who knows? Meanwhile, Sweet Cheeks asked her last night if it would be okay if he called her this week to make a date for the weekend, so that he could take her out to dinner on either Friday or Saturday. Hmm, it wouldn't be a very tough choice for me to make! On to Cr.
Cr tells us that everything about W is perfect; from his body, to his intellect, to his manners, to his generosity...and get this...he gave her a key to his house! Huh? What? Cr thinks that this is sweet and nice and she's not freaked out by it at all. Well I'm glad about that for her, because I'm freaked out! He already told her to bring stuff down and leave it at his house, including a toothbrush because he wants her to "feel at home" and to know "that he wants her there." Okay in one sense it's very sweet. In another, I'm glad it's Cr who is dealing with this because I would be out the door in two seconds flat if someone ever made these offers within the first two days of hanging out! Actually I don't even know what to call what they are. They have decided to bypass the whole dating thing because "they've known each other for years and they'd rather not burden each other with those feelings of 'Is he going to call?' and 'Does she really like me?' I like W, I really do and I think that they could have a very positive relationship. And I know that Cr is very intense when it comes to romance and relationships, but I'm hoping that they don't burn through the whole romance in one week.
And then there wasn't a whole lot to talk about when it came to me. I told them what happened with Matty (since Cr has been chomping at the bit to hear how that all happened...not that I went into detail, it's just we all found it amazing that it happened again. We know him, and that's not typical). We also talked about Drk and how I'm going to try to not see him until Saturday. That was quickly squelched because Cr reminded me that we're going out for wings on Wednesday. But even that's not too bad. Once before Saturday, I can handle that.
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