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Sunday, January 23, 2005
Snow Storm Be Damned I Say!
Yesterday my friend Chelle came over to keep me company during the snow storm. One Yuengling turned to three and then we decided to call and see if THITWbar was staying open (you see, it's not just me who likes to go there). The kind voice on the phone told me, "Yep, it's staying open!" So Chelle and I did the most logical thing and we bundled up and headed out into the snow. We trudged the two blocks to the bar and were greeted by five old men sitting on the bar stools. After a while people started to show up and it wasn't half bad. I laughed though, only in our rural area would people be showing up at the bar on four wheelers and snow mobiles! It was Drk's birthday but his show was cancelled. I sent a text message to the phone number that he called me from once saying, "Happy birthday and I'm sorry your show got cancelled". I never really expected him to ever get this or the other two messages I sent, because he doesn't seem the type to have a cell phone. Obviously I was wrong. He shows up at the bar with his friend and sits quietly at one of the back tables. Before he does this though he comes over and says, "I got your message, thanks a lot." He got my message! I'm an asshole. However, I'm not an asshole and he kind of knows it because I've had his phone number since November and I've never called him. I've sent him three text messages in three months. This is a good thing. A bad thing is when I've been at the bar since 6:30 and I'm drunk by 8:30. Always leaving a good impression for my man to be,Drk.(PS I've been receiving well meaning messages about going to other bars but the sad thing is that I live in such an area that there truly are three bars in the area. One of which is similar to the biker bar in Road House).Plus, as I don't drive...I need to be in walking distance of said bars unless someone is willing to be the DD.
At THITWbar, Chelle and I made friends with three young men that weren't from the area. See! I'm branching out, a little! I left Drk alone for the night and ended up talking to these guys for the rest of the evening. After about seven shots of Grey Goose and numerous beers, Chelle and I decided to take advantage the situation. These boys had a DD and were willing to give us a ride home! Hooray! I was a little worried about our chances of making it back to the house without serious injury or hypothermia. Chelle also made her late night booty call to the guy she met the last time she came out with me. He made a late night appearance first at the bar, and then at my house.
The boys drove me home and came in to hang out for a little down in my little basement bar. The one guy sure wasn't having any fun since the rest of us were drunk beyond belief so he cooked up some of my favorite frozen enchiladas. Another one of the guys must've been sad because Chelle had been talking to and flirting with him all night until her man of the hour showed up. Finally Teddy, was a happy boy because I was making out with him on my couch.
But I behaved myself for once. Yes we did go up to my room for a little bit (only because we were grossing everyone out with our makeout session) but he left without any "sugar" (as Ernts would call it). Chelle also behaved, hanging out with her man until the wee hours but also not giving out the goods. Who knew we could be so good!
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