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Friday, January 21, 2005
Further Proof That I Must Seek Professional Help!
Ok. Last night I was sad because I had no one to drink with, but then I was ok with it. I took a bath, I read some of my Minette Walters book that I've been dying to crack into and I went to bed at 11. Fine. My phone rings at 12:15 am. I answer it, I know I'm an idiot. It's no one that I expect. It's Todd. He's S's friend (S being the one who text messaged me about his sexual schooling from a lovely African American woman for no particular reason). Todd and I "dated" and I use the term loosely, we liked each other and that was enough. When it wasn't enough, I told him and then I moved on-no hard feelings. Well anyway, Todd is on the phone telling me that he's at THITWbar and that he's coming over to pick me up so that we "can hang out properly." I say sweetly, "Thanks but I was asleep." No dice. He calls four more times, now I'm finally awake and instead of being annoyed by him, he's actually cracking me up with what he's saying on the phone. So I say, "Fine, come and get me," thinking that it might work out like it aways does with J. It didn't. He was at my house in under two minutes.
So we get to THITWbar and of course the first person I see is the darling Drk. He looks at the clock, looks at me with two drunken men and raises an eyebrow. Damn! Yet again, I'm messing up any chances I could have, or at least that's what I tell myself, and then I shrug back at Drk.

Todd leaves S and myself at the bar to take a phone call from his drunken roommate. S, who is so drunk he's crossed eyed and leering at me. "It's a real surprise to see you here Melina, it really is. I'm just so happy to see you!" (Yeah, I bet you are. Let's keep in mind that I cut off contact with him after he called me a whore in my own house for no founded reason...just because he was jealous). I nod politely at him and turn back to looking at Drk, waiting for Todd to come back.

Todd does come back, and then tells me that he has to go pick his roommate up and then drop him off at their house and that he'd be back. Ok, whatever! Thanks for dragging me out to see S. I'm starting to think that was the whole point of the evening. However, I'm proven wrong.

Now I'm left with S. I'm begging with my eyes for Drk to come over and talk with me, he took this as a sign that I needed a new beer and a frosty Molson ended up in front of me. That wasn't what I wanted Drk! I didn't even want a drink at all! I say a meek, "Thank you." and Drk waltzes off as quick as can be. I can tell in this walk he thinks I'm a trainwreck...and if I had a mirror and I looked at myself I'd see a trainwreck I think. I sigh. S thinks that this is a good time for him to be continued when I have another free moment in my day because this story is so incredibly awful, words can hardly express it. I'm cringing at myself and that doesn't happen very often. Stay tuned.
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