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Friday, January 21, 2005
Further Proof That I Need Professional Help Part II
So this is where S feels that it is the appropriate time to speak to me. Perhaps he didn't see the frozen glare I sent him when he spoke to me previously. He really isn't all that perceptive. He's drunk and he's seething mad and a little obsessed really. He launches his drunken tirade with an attention getter. "It's so great to see you in the flesh, I never thought I'd see you again. Every night I masturbate to thoughts of you." How does a girl respond to that? She doesn't, she just raises a quizzical eyebrow...and laughs inwardly, not outwardly because S is obviously a nutjob, a trait that I must find stunning in a man. With no real response from me he continues. "You know I always thought that you and I were so much alike, you have the same screws loose...(pauses and slugs down a half a mug of beer)...there's something not right with you! You're looking for a man who's not out there! You're never going to get him!" I respond.
"Drk's right behind the counter." (poking the bear with a stick in the eye)
S gives a drunken glare to Drk, who saunters past me with that "trainwreck thought in his head again."
To be continued after I return from lunch!
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