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Thursday, January 20, 2005
I Drink Alone...(actually, no I don't).
Everyone has a real life, or a stomach virus, or is unpacking and therefore no one wants to go boozing with me! I'm jonesing for some Drk time! But I don't think I can handle heading up to THITWbar alone. I'm pathetic enough,thank you very much! Also, the last few times I was at my favorite watering hole,I met my future if I'm not careful (and I'm not talking about Drk). My "idol/dark future" is this woman named Carol who's about 50 and strolls, actually no, she struts into the bar announcing her arrival with a grand flourish and a slamming of the wooden door of the bar. Carol sports Blanche Devereaux's hairdo (golden girls) and a leather jacket creased by life and perhaps from being shoved in the corner of a seedy bar by herself dead sober. Within seconds she's drunk--courtesy of about six shots of Jack. 10 pm she's jovial, she'll elbow you in the side and grin. Or she will volunteer you to the bartender to watch her drink for her. For example, "This little lady will watch Carol's drink, right? I gotta play me some 9 ball" Me being slick and liquored up, "Huh? What? Oh yeah can leave your beer next to me. Then I mutter, "Just stop spilling it on my leg, back etc). If you note from the dialogue, Carol is crazy because she refers to herself in the third person. That's a sure sign. But on with the tale. By midnight, she's hustling the pool table and dirty dancing with her pool stick. 12:15, she's putting Frank Sinatra on the jukebox and slow dancing and gyrating by herself (sometimes with her pool stick, sometimes not). Sometimes a man will get caught up in her hip rocking and join her. Awkward lack of synchonizing hip swirls typically ensue until Carol whirls herself to a brighter,yet somewhat more remote place in the bar. I've never actually see her leave because I'm usually too drunk to make fun of her after 12:30. Who's laughing then? Carol. Give me time Carol...I'm coming. "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades."
posted by Melina at 8:30 PM