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Monday, January 31, 2005
The Children Are Our Future?
Well it looks like communism here we come! I was reading AOL news because I have no time in my day, nor the fifty cents in my pocket to buy a newspaper (ok, I'm just plain lazy) and it appears that "1 in 3 students feel that freedom of speech is too unrestricted" (implying that more restrictions should be enforced) and that people should get permission to publish certain things after consulting the government first. Hmm, who are these pod children? What things should I check with the government with first about? Maybe troop positions/locations, I wouldn't want to pull a Geraldo Rivera...but since I'm not privy to that kind of information? Should I contact the government just in case? "Hey Pres. Bush! It's Melina! Can I write about making out with boys on my blog? Oh I can? Thanks GW...Peace out yo!"

I wonder if this is a legit article. It was republished from USA Today which, in my mind, is on par with the Star and Yeti sightings and the "I'm having Jack-O's baby" testimonials. However, I support their right to publish whatever they choose! The author says that these youngsters' beliefs may have come from the fact that they don't understand their 1st Ammendment rights. I guess if I decide to spawn/procreate/baby make, I'll be reading my child the Constitution as a bedtime story. And that baby will be playing attention to what I'm reading, damn it!
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