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Friday, January 28, 2005
Folks, We Have a Confirmation...
My friend Ryan just broke up with his girlfriend of two years, and to be honest it was a long time coming. To ease back into single life he wanted to go out, and folks I didn't suggest it...he wanted to go to THITWbar. What can I say? It's a popular place. So we chatted. He ranted, he raved about the ex. He told me what a deadbeat she was. He told me how it was like having sex with a prostitute (eeeeh?Ry, how do you know?) And then we moved onto the subject of Drk. I told Ry everything that had occurred, leaving no embarassing stone unturned. If you can't tell your friends? Who can you tell?) Ryan stops Drk and asks him about his one tattoo which is a series of bands around his arm and on the inside there's a skull and cross bones. Ryan says, "There has to be a story behind it!" and my beloved says, "I just really like Pirates." MMMMMMmmmm the mental capacity of a potato but I love it (kidding, he's smart, but that answer wasn't). Ry chuckled and I said, "No he REALLY likes Pirates," I say, "D, show him your back." (I called him D! My own little pet name for him!) Now I'm just being a slut because like I said, ink turns me on big time. D whips up his shirt and I'm in heaven. On his back he has this whole sunset scene/pirate ship--it's some really amazing work, I'm sure it cost a pretty penny. No wonder he works so hard at THITWbar.
Ry and I go to leave and in the parking lot Ry says, "I really think there's something there, I think he likes you." I whine in my drunk voice, "I hope soooooo." And right before I get in Ry's truck I hear someone yelling my name (some day he'll be doing that in my bed, but for now I must be happy hearing it in the parking lot). I turn around, it's my husband to be--but you and I both knew that already. He runs up (a little breathless, he still hasn't really quit smoking) "You forgot your lipgloss." I reply, "Thanks, Drk. You're the best." (Someday I'll be saying that in my bed but for now the parking lot will have to do) But deep down, what I was really saying to Drk, "You love me, you really, really do." Lord, do I wish that were true.
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