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Thursday, January 27, 2005
Drk...Like Lassie Always Saves The Day!
Drk drove me home from the bar last night. My friend from college and I were hanging out too late, reminiscing too much and having way too much fun on a random Wednesday. The weird part was that about seventy other people were doing the same thing! My friend was yelling at a skin head, which I appreciate her enthusiasm, however, when she weighs in at 107 lbs, I think I'm the enforcer in such a situation...but the real part of this story is that Drk didn't want Nina and I to have to walk home in the (gulp) -3 degree weather-so he drove us home!
Let me set the story up. He got done with his cooking duties around 11:30 and he had to do his clean up stuff. Then he puttered around with glasses and other Barback work. Finally, the man who never drinks sat at the edge of the bar with either a screwdriver or perhaps a fuzzy navel (that's more appropriate for him as the enigma that he is) or maybe it was just a plain glass of Florida orange juice, who knows with him? Nina and I were babbling about god knows what and then it hits me--our ride has left because she had a long drive home. Nina and I live pretty much across the street from one another but rarely get to hang out because of our schedules so we decided to stay and walk home together. This would've been an ok idea except for the fact that I didn't wear a coat and the fact that my very fashionable sweater had little peek-a-boo holes in it. Brrr! Immediately I became cold thinking about the walk. That's when Drk stopped talking to the girl who was wearing a hat similar to his (not a very nice look on her...she did NOT look like a Cuban dictator, but rather an ugly old fish that a Greek fisherman caught two weeks ago-hmm jealous much Melina?) and said with a sigh, "I'll drive you home Melina." What a man! What an offer! I wasn't fishing for offers! I love him even more now!(oh jeez, he better watch out)
We dropped Nina off first and then he dropped me off. I barely spoke since I was tipsy and I thought it would just make him hate me more. But then I went in my house and text messaged him a very long and rambling text that looking at today in my sober state makes me want to blush and cry. Finally, I've found shame! I would've invited him into my abode, but I didn't want to get turned down. Who knows if I would've been, but now I'll always have the "what-if" know the whole "Hope Springs Eternal" deal...let's just hope Alexander Pope knew what he was talking about. He just gets better and better...while I get drunk and more drunk.
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