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Sunday, January 30, 2005
Civic Minded Individuals...Um Yeah Right.
Did you read that "The American Nazi party" adopted a highway this weekend in Portland, Oregon? Maybe they will be like Kramer on Seinfeld when he adopted his stretch of highway and make renovations to the road. You know like paint the macadam (or whatever roads are made of these days) white...because of course they wouldn't want it black or anything. Apparently a chapter of the KKK also has a stretch of highway somewhere too. Do they wear their hoods and long white robes while they pick up trash? Although I'm completely against anything that these organizations believe or have to offer, I think that this type of clean up is far better than ethnic cleansing. Who do you think the PR person is behind this special little project? Imagine that meeting, "Look, we've got to clean up our image. What says hate crime organization that cares? Oh I know, let's adopt a highway! That will get our message out to the world!" Uh yeah, good luck with that guys.

posted by Melina at 10:59 AM