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Monday, January 31, 2005
Am I A Doormat? Do I Have Welcome On My Back? (Don't Answer That!)
Ok, now I know that it's due to my own behavior that I get treated the way I do. By most men, it's very respectful...obviously this story has nothing to do with those men.
9:58 pm: Melina's phone rings. She looks at it, it reads "Todd" (she didn't want to take his number out because then she wouldn't recognize it). She puts the phone back on the charger.

10:35 pm: The phone rings again, a number that she doesn't know. She doesn't think twice because she's been giving her number out to a few guys. Inevitably, it turns out to be Todd on someone else's phone. Melina is foiled again. "Self-respect" is her mantra as he asks if she wants to hang out with him and his best friend at the other bar (other than THITWbar) in town strictly as friends. Apparently, seeing her freshly scrubbed yesterday at the grocery store has sparked the need to bone her and to tell her tomorrow that he just "might get back together with his girlfriend." Hmm, this story sounds familiar. Is Melina that dumb? Before anyone smacks her over the www, she's not. (ok I'm sick of writing in 3rd person).

So I talk with him politely (because deep down I hate to be called a bitch, even if it's by this's my neurosis I guess. It all boils down to this:
T: Please hang out with me and C as friends.
M: As friends? long as you don't try and dick me over again. I don't want to fuck you. And you shouldn't call me expecting to get fucked.
T: Whoa! We just wanted to hang out!
M: (feeling kind of dumb for my zealousness, but at least I made my point clear) If you want to pick me up, I'll go out for an hour. I've got to get up early tomorrow (setting time limits). I won't go back and hang out at your house and you can't hang out at mine. In fact, I'll go to THITWbar instead of where you're at (my turf. even though Drk will be there, I'll feel more comfortable and I know that the bartenders will boot Todd if he acts up).
Fill you in tomorrow. It won't be that bad I promise. I probably shouldn't be going out with him but I wouldn't mind seeing Drk and (this is bad) I wouldn't mind Drk seeing me with another guy, since I shun men when I see Drk. I'll be good.
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