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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

John's having a mini existential crisis...I guess turning 29 does that to you (I'm fairly sure why I had one then too). He's just coming to terms that he's not as cool, exciting and as rich as he had dreamed he would be. I think he's just as cool and exciting as he gives a mean foot rub. He woke me up to tell me this last night (not in those all) because he couldn't sleep. Then I started babbling because I couldn't sleep because, oh yeah, because he woke my ass up. A few minutes later he thanked me because my stories were "lulling him gently to sleep". I grabbed his balls for that one. But it was too late, the only response was "Zzzzzzzzzz" and a little drool on my shoulder.

On another note...

John's brother casually brought up the fact that he's looking at rings. This could be an interesting turn of events because he and his girlfriend are going to Vegas next week. Could it be a family tradition? All of us frugally hitting up the $39 "I Do special" at the Hollywood Chapel of Love? I have to say, I'm cautious about this one, they seem to be a fiery couple--fighting all the time, breaking up, moving out and then not being able to live without one another. I would never voice these concerns out loud because John's brother's a big boy and what do I have to go on? My longest and best relationship has been with John...all others were simply duds. Oh and that tiny fact that I married John after 6 months and a few breakups of our own. So...perhaps that's a family tradition too???

PS. My birthday is on Monday, feel free to plan what you're going to give me!

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