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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Day 2

Day two of studying is done and we haven't killed each other yet. Of course, there were petty arguments over why John feels the need to destroy all of my paperclips that hold the, the mountain, of papers from which I have gleaned all the information needed for studying tonight. I then spout robotically, speaking in a stunted manner as I batter the thoughts, trying to cling to them and I attempt to force these thoughts into my long term memory (one of the topics tonight! How to move information from the sensory level to the short term memory to it's final resting place--the elusive fucking long term memory) at John as he has to prepare his own dinner because damn it...I'm just too damn busy! But he's a saint and says nothing about his two hour commute (longer tonight because of snow) and just put check marks next to all the facts that I've listed and little evil minus symbols next to the information I've neglected to remember...oh how I hate the minuses.

He's a good little helper, I'm a good little studier and oh by the way, I am SO FUCKING OVER THIS TEST and would love to write about something else but I'm afraid to think about anything except educational psychology, Piaget, Vygotsky, Constructivism and all that "good stuff". Of course, yesterday's topics are still ringing in my ears. I will tell you, I was rewarded for all my hardwork by John later in the bedroom and I hope I pissed the neighbors off with our late night antics because I'm spiteful, I'm cranky and I'm nervous...ah, the joys of being a student. Apparently I look pitiful because my mother took me out to dinner to "stop stressing and to just enjoy a good meal" and she gave me forty dollars as we exited the restaurant so that I could "go treat myself to something nice when this test is all over". I love her.

Ok, this jarbled, jumbled, rambling rant is over for the night. And don't worry people...I will be far more exciting once Saturday is over!

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