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Friday, February 29, 2008
Last year I was determined to see her.
And just as I assumed we never did anything to try and salvage our friendship. She has a husband, child and career that take up most of her time, family has always been a priority of hers--especially her relationships with her sisters. Mending our old friendship? It was/is probably an impossibility. But even though I haven't seen or talked to her since last year (and before that-- 3 years!), I felt compelled to talk with her. Honestly, what am I supposed to do, just walk past her place of business and pretend that we don't see each other? I will never be that coward.

Yesterday I tried again. I was there, and there was no running away. Something pulled me into her workplace and this time it was less awkward and we (seemingly) picked up from where we left off. We laughed so hard for an hour and I remembered why she had been my best friend. She's the funniest person who knows me inside and out like no other person. I left her feeling so happy until I reached my car and realized that our friendship will only ever exist if I continue to go see her. I don't think she'll ever meet me halfway and I guess that's ok, but I really miss her. This was the worst breakup of my life.

We left off with exchanging numbers again and hoping this time, one of us makes the effort to call the other but I'm leaving the ball in her court.

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