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Saturday, February 16, 2008
This has just been a test...

The comprehensive exam is over...I went in and conquered the hell out of it. Honestly, I tuned out the sounds of other typists banging away on their own keyboards and I focused completely on my own screen as I lightly typed. Honestly, who are these people who bang on the keys to type?? Before I got into the zone I wanted to turn around and yell at the guy behind me because his hunt and peck method was seriously grating. Instead I just turned around and tried to smile sweetly at him, I think I managed a grimace and he probably thought I was hitting on him. I forwarded my answers to John (totally above board, we were supposed to send ourselves a copy just "in case anything went wrong" (something could totally go wrong because our "proctor" misplaced the test questions and the test got started 25 mins late) so he could check against my notes while I drove home so he could tell me his honest opinion on whether or not I passed.

Kisses and smiles at the door and the phrase, "You nailed it!" made me feel even more confident than I had when I left the testing area. We had lunch with my mother to celebrate...mind you, we were just celebrating the fact that I don't need to study any longer and now, we wait...
for weeks...
...possibly months...

but I'm ok with that but I think I'll be hearing some good news!

Thanks to everyone who put up with my madness of the past few weeks. Especially to you my blog friends because you shouldn't have been subjected to posts about tests but you handled it with grace.

PS. I was in the same grad program as one of my colleagues at work. He kept asking me for all of my notes for the past few weeks. I was happy to pass along information that I received from my study group, but my own personal notes? Dude! You have got to be kidding me! And get this kids...he was totally CHEATING on the test. You see, our computers had wireless connection and I guess it was the honor system because we were told weren't allowed to use anything except our brains when test day, which is why I memorized so much that half my brain fell out of my ear. I won't tell on the guy because a) I'm not a snitch b) there's not a chance in hell that he's going to pass because as I was packing my things to go, he was checking out wikipedia--and that's just sad.

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