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Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Hell, I'll buy the marriage license, the rice and the hooker for the bachelor party
My brother in law can marry anyone he damn well pleases according to me, because the perfect prince just found us a gorgeous ball and claw bathtub that was waaaaaay beyond our bathroom budget...and he's giving it to us for free!!!

So you know what that means??? I might actually have a completed bathroom by this June...which will make it precisely one year from when the demolition started in the first place. Wait, did I tell you that it's the only full bath in the house??

I know what you're thinking and I totally agree, I am a very easy going woman who can shower amongst the wreck and ruin that is my bathroom. I am also fully equipped to blow dry my hair while sitting on the floor, and applying makeup in the half bath downstairs. Luckily, I'm very low maintenance and I rarely do any of the above and most often just run out of the house with my hair half wet, dragging a brush through it while pulling it up into a ponytail.

** John, I'm just poking fun at ya, I really don't care about the bathroom, it'll be done beautifully when it's finished--but it is damn good blog fodder.

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posted by Melina at 6:06 PM