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Thursday, March 02, 2006
I've got something in my room to show you...
So what do you do when you stay home sick? I'll tell you what I do...I spend the entire day hacking up a lung, drinking water, moaning and best of all? Sending topless pics to John at work...yeah, yeah I know, you should never take nude photos, so I left my head out of the pictures. Which is great because, what guy doesn't dream of a headless girl? Kidding, kidding...and um don't answer that.

So John and I are getting along and working things out, obviously. We talked all day yesterday on email while he was at work and I was doing my best at getting over being Typhoid Mary and he sent me a message, "I miss you so much. Your laugh is just a dull cackle in my soul." Which made me laugh because you either love or hate my laugh and it's unforgettable because it's deep and LOUD, neverending and sounds a bit like an old chevy turning over but never starting. I sent him a message back, "I think that I'm sick of you and your "needing space", it's infringing upon my unalienable rights to a piece of ass anytime I want it." See, now John was probably hinting at the same thing, but I'm a very straight forward kind of gal. Not to seem too crass, I added, "PS. I'd really like to kick your ass in Monopoly again too!" Hey it's no Hemingway but I worked with what I had ("write what you know" and what have you).

John had no other choice than to invite me down. Now, in his house...where we used to be able to casually have sex on the kitchen table, the counter, the hallway or the couch, there are roommates EVERYWHERE..ok, there are just two of them. Now that's ok, they're no fact, the one roommate, is most likely the hottest man alive. But, I don't like to be boxed in and forced to have sex on the bed in John's room all the time...and that's just the way it's going to be from now on I guess.

When I walked in the door, Roommate 1, limped down the stairs and said, "Wait! You're not coffee." To which I responded, "Why no, no I'm not..." He grinned, "No. See, I was expecting Roommate 2, and he's bringing coffee. You see, it's guy's night tonight. We're supposed to get dinner, drink beer and watch a movie together." I looked at John, who came slightly to the rescue, "Man, I have to spend time with my girl too, you know. I totally forgot it was movie night." [Movie night? Since when did they have a movie night? Oh right, when they all moved back in and took over my space...thhhhaaat's when movie night started]. So, I did the magnanimous thing and said, "Well let's finish this game and then go grab something to eat and you'll have time to get back for night." Now while I said this, I grabbed John's thigh so he knew that there was one crucial element missing from my timeline...the sex.

We played Monopoly, and then John leaned over and said with a smirk, "Hey. I've gotten something cool in my room I want to show you." To which I raised my eyebrow and said, "Oh yeah? It better not be another Star Wars action figure!" and then we ran up the stairs and slammed the door behind us. Roommate 1 and Roommate 2 were kind enough to give us privacy (although I believe the high volume of the Strokes on the stereo and the closed door were probably enough) and went on a bike ride. The whole experience kind of reminded me of college when you had to scrape for any morsel of privacy...but it was still fun. And I guess it was kind of part of the appeal.

We went out, grabbed a bite to eat and while we were eating I decided that I was going to go home after dinner so that they could still "salvage" Guy's Night. Hey, I'm a saint, what can I say? As we were walking down the street towards home, we talked about plans for Friday. As it turns out, our friend is in a Battle of the Bands, and his band rented a huge bus for all of us drunks to be transported over to the bar in. For the grand total of $15, we get all we can drink for the ride over, a t shirt, cover into the bar and a safe ride to and from the bar. I can't wait, not only will I get to listen to some good punk rock, I'll be with all my best friends (minus Chelle, who has to work this weekend...screw you and your charity work, you whore! he he) and my favorite man. I can hardly wait.

It kind of feels nice that things are going back to normal and that John isn't fighting it anymore.
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