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Thursday, March 16, 2006
It's all fun and games until...
So it started as a joke. John and I were making fun of T because she got this text message from the guy that she's seeing that said, "I can still taste you."

Ok. I guess he was trying to be sexy...or maybe even cute with that message, but pardon the pun, it left a bad taste in all our mouths. John said, "In order to have phone sex via text message you have to be so over the top and funny, so as not to be cheesy or corny...or just plain gross." I looked at him, "Oh yeah? I think you'll have to demonstrate this technique for me."

And so now all day while at work, I've been furtively glancing at my cell phone, reading the texts and giggling like a virgin. The messages have been so fun, I haven't been grossed out at all...and quite frankly, I can't wait until tomorrow!!

So I guess over the top is the way to do it!

(I bet some of you pervs would like to hear what they said huh? ha ha...I started to type out the transcript but it just seemed like a bit of a betrayal to you'll have to use your imaginations. Just remember, he likes to use the naughty teacher fantasy--me in pigtails and my black framed glasses...)
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