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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Birthday Recap
Friday Night: John arrived at my house promptly at 7:30, we drove over to Chelle's house where everyone was waiting for us. John made me some of the stiffest drinks I've ever tasted in my life, I scarfed down some pizza, blew out some candles (mmm carrot cake...I love it!) and then we moved on over to thitwbar.
At thitwbar we got ourselves a very large table in the back and we amused ourselves with picture taking, trophy holding (there are lots of old trophies that the bar leagues had won in the years past just sitting there dying to be held like Oscars), and pink tiara wearing (ok, that was me).
John leaned over to me when there was a slight lull in the cackling (ok, again that was me) and asked me if I wanted to run out with him to get something from the car...ha ha...yeah, so we scampered outside. I guess this was my real birthday present! We had a little scare. Through the fogged windows I saw red and blue flashing lights...quickly, I put my pants back on and threw John out of the car. As it turned out, we weren't in trouble, someone else in the parking lot was...the person who drove their car right into another car!

Friday ended with everyone coming back to my place and partying late into the night...although, I was in bed a lot earlier than everyone else... I think.

Surprisingly, I woke up hangover free...and starving! We decided to have a little BBQ out on my deck. John and T went out early and purchased a couple cases of beer, tons of groceries (did I ever tell you that my refrigerator is a place where good food goes to die? I always forget to look there when I'm hungry!!) The little BBQ that started around 11am, went until about 9pm. At 9, we had the brilliant idea to go back to thitwbar, because um...we weren't drunk enough apparently. Cr, T and I went upstairs to attempt to put makeup on; while the boys, John and Chris looked for clean shirts. I should've known that John was going to be in no condition for the bar when he laid next to me on my bed while the girls were putting their makeup on and told me all the wonderful things about our sex lives, as well as what makes me so wonderful as an individual in general...but no, I didn't heed my own intuition.

We probably stayed at the bar for about two hours, and in that time, John sat on my lap at one point ( he nearly weighs twice my weight), he was coaxed into drinking a glass of hotsauce with a dash of vodka in it (by the bartender), he hugged about 90% of the bar, we both professed our undying love for each other (which is when I knew he was drunk), etc. We decided it would be best if we would head home and left Cr, Chris, T and her boyfriend to fend for themselves...John and I were done for the evening. Both of us conked out and snoring at 12:30am.

Sunday and Monday's fun to follow!!!
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