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Sunday, March 05, 2006
Well Friday was a fabulous night.

At around 8pm my friends, John and I bundled up and headed down to the FQB where we boarded an old green bus for our half hour trip to yet another hole in the wall type bar. Why you ask? Because my friend was in a battle of the bands and we all wanted him to win! John was feeling a little nervous because he and Tony were in another band together and the night before John and Roommate #1 decided that they no longer wanted to continue with that band. Apparently, Tony did.

On the bus we drank like the little fish we were...on tap was a little Pabst Blue Ribbon (or what I refer to as "Punk Rock Junk Beer"), glasses of warm Jameson, warm Tequilla, and warm Captain Morgans. I remember singing the Eagles fight song (um, our bus was an old, old, old Eagles tour bus from like 1973), I remember making out with John in our bus seat and I just having a good ol' time with my girls.

About 40 mins later, we arrived at the bar. A little wobbly, we all exited the bus and trooped into the bar, ready to see our boys kick ass! John and I quickly placed an order for some loaded french fries in the hopes that it might stave off my drunkeness...I tend to forget to eat before I go out and he seems to know this! Tony's band played and T and I thought they killed. John thought they were ok, since he's a bit critical of this band...but since he didn't want Tony to stab him over the breakup of the band, he kept his thoughts between us.

After Tony's band played there was a 45min intermission where we had Dance Party, USA. T and I did our best cliche girl on girl dancing (ok sue me...ladies, I know, I hate those girls too...but at least I'm admitting it) and then I did a little dancing for John. Apparently he like my dancing since he was frantically looking for a bathroom we could run away to. Alas, they were both one stall deals and the lines were backed up.

As it turns out, Tony's band lost. It was rigged, I say! Or, in these battle of the band deals, it's really about how many patrons you bring to the bar...and the other band definitely brought more people. Yes, more people than a busload of people. Tony quickly loaded us all back into the bus as soon as word came that we lost (because we're sore losers apparently) and we commiserated with more PBR. The bus ride home was full of hi-jinx. T got covered in beer, someone was drinking beer out of her belly button, E was rolling around on the floor at one point and my friend KT made out with E's brother! Now I don't really know any of this first hand because apparently I was sitting peacefully in my seat with John, kissing and talking (according to T). Finally, we arrived back to the Cornfield.

Everyone else got off the bus and headed back into the FQB, however, John T and I headed home. We hung out for a little and then John and I decided to go for a sex marathon. I'm not kidding fact, I'm not even writing this to tell you (you=any reader out there) and be some kind of exhibitionist. I'm writing this so that I can mark a moment in time. First let me say that I had myself a terrific time and then let me qualify those nearly six/seven hours of sex and countless orgasms, by saying I am having a tough time walking now! I'm sure no one feels bad for me...but I think I could've taken an hour or two back.
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