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Friday, July 08, 2005
It's Drunken Post time folks
Chelle banged Co-worker and somehow found time to get drunk avec moi! To the people (that means you), from Chelle, is how do you turn banging into a relationship? We spent many an hour, and many a beer on this very question. Obviously, I'm not the expert on the answer to this question.

Actually, our bar conversation was fairly hilarious because...Chelle, could only talk about Co-worker...trying to figure out how she could entice him into actually hanging out with her. She's pretty much just excited that she hit the milestone of having "sober sex" with him. For some (or most) that's a normal occurence, but for some of us...we are wimps and we wait for the drunken bang.

The conversation was rediculously converse. She would talk about Co-worker, I would talk about how much I miss Derek and how incredibly gay (in a non sexual) way. Basically, it was a fragmented converation. We were saved however by my awesome jukebox playlist that I came up with. Hey, it's no thitwbar (they are closed for a week)...but I played an ok mix (derek is in charge of the jukebox at thitwbar and I get an awesome mix of songs because a) he's ecclectic and b) he listen to my suggestions as to which songs/bands to add). Here's what I played:
1. The Bravery- An honest mistake
2. The Killers- Change your mind and Mr Brightsides
3. Elvis Costello! Angels want to wear my red shoes and Watching the Detectives (might be might fav song ever)
4. The Used- we can't remember the song but it was good and angry
5. The Donnas!- Take it off! (that's my song bitches)
6. Jet- Are You Going to be my girl- because well....I have big black boots and long dark hair...need I say more?
7. Johnny Cash~ I walk the line. (me and johnny cash are like this)
8. Rancid- Radio
9. Social Distortion~ Story of My Life (I played it twice I was so happy with it!!)

This is Chelle now and I have to say all of you, you have no clue how much this girl means to me. Some people in the world will only have a clue what it is to have a true friend like M. Not only is she the one person who will say what is on her mind but she will say what is on yours and make it all better. I love her like a sister and anyone who doesn't can bite me (hard but I like that!!).

And that was our fragments. Notice that we didn't talk about men...about J coming into the bar with a very lovely lady or Todd coming in twice? Yeah, they were totally unimportant in our quests to a) be better friends and b) have better relationships with the men we already have pledged our hearts to.

PS. I had no idea what Chelle was posting because I was pissing but it was heartening. We weren't always such good friends. But I appreciate the fact that we are now.
and well I played a billion other songs but I can't remember them but they were all awesome hits and did well with the crowd.
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