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Sunday, May 01, 2005
Rabbit Rabbit...That's What You Say As Good Luck As The First Of The Month Arrives
I'm was totally fucked (as in of a couple of beers and shots in about an hour's time) and now I'm watching Trainspotting because Chelle's passed out and my rare breed of film OCD does not allow me not to finish a movie once I've started it. It's not that I don't love Trainspotting, because I certainly's one of my top five...maybe my top ten. It's a great movie and now that I've read Porno, I'm only hoping for a sequel, because the sequel novel was even better than the first! Does that ever happen? I can't even stand anything else that Irvine Welsh has written...although I haven't really tried other than these two books. I would really love to go to bed because my drunkeness is finally wearing off. Finally? It's been like two hours. Goddamn (um, gosh darn for those of you who are offended by my cursing).

J called tonight. He has to work early tomorrow morning, he's going to call me when he's done work. I'm definitely making him buy me dinner before I fuck him. Oh and if you're shaking your head at me--fuck off--I need laid, like Mother Theresa needed a goddamn meal before she died (wow, do I have latent hatred for Catholicism...sorry once again. ) Shit, I need to stop. Oh and by the way, I love Mother Theresa, she rocks and I attempt to do as much charity as I can because of her inspiration. (I write letters to terminally ill kids monthly, I am a Mentor (kind of like big brothers/big sisters) which is scary as fucking hell I know Shit, I hate still being drunk because I'm certainly not as refined as I would hope to be (what with all this cursing and what not). How can I be refined anyway?

Have a great May Day. It'll be May Day all day long. If you need help with your Maypole, just let me know...I seriously did a Maypole dance a good 10 years out of my life. I know all the "cool" Maypole dances.
This ramble must end. Good night....well for you. I still have an hour of Trainspotting to go.
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