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Saturday, May 07, 2005
The Night Where Nothing Happened
Nothing exciting happened last night. Nothing. I went to the play. It did indeed make my eyes and ears bleed...and make me wish I were Helen Keller for the first time in my grown life...I could even bear the stupid jokes about me--well, because I wouldn't be able to hear them. Then my co-workers and Chelle and I went to the microbrewery. That was a lapse in judgment.

There were about twenty people in the bar area total. Those twenty people had an average age of 67. It was like the Golden Girls without the cheesecake, oh and the fact that they were all 67 year old men. Except...that S and Todd were there (S works there...but apparently was hanging out on his night off). I ran into Todd when I was heading to the bathroom. He asked me where I was going next--because it was obvious that I wanted to go somewhere else. I told I'd probably head over to thitwbar and he said, "Give me a call." I agreed and then went back over to my friends.

Chelle and I decided to head over to thitwbar and Ryan met us out. With the help of a lot of Red Bull and Orange Stoli depth chargers (also known as Tic-Tacs) I was comfortably numb, actually I was pretty darn drunk...because I drank about a gazillion Molsons as well. I talked with my friend Mikey for a while about nothing much and tried to talk him into hanging out at my house after the bars closed for Chelle. S showed up at the bar but no Todd. I was more than a little disappointed. S asked if he could crash at my house and I shrugged sure. In my head though I'm wondering what Todd was doing that he couldn't crash there. Girlfriend? Hookup? What? Am I getting jealous about a person I dated three years ago and have fucked sporadically throughout this year? Yes I am. I'm a truly fucked up individual. I freely admit it.

Drk was at the bar last night getting his drink on. We said our hellos but he was totally hanging on this little gremlin (who drove me, Chelle and Mikey home one night in the snow). She is pretty much the weirdest looking girl ever...except that she's really short, skinny and has decent sized tits...but her face? Seriously, disturbingly weird. Only a bag could help. Obviously Drk had his beer goggles on (pouting) but he doesn't need them with me! (only kidding...I'm not even going there again!) I have to say that I laughed heartily when I saw my friend Mikey go home with the Gremlin Girl. Although he'd be sad in the morning, it was satifying for me to know that Drk was not with her. Once again, I'm freely admitting that I'm fucked up.

Sooo...Chelle, S and I came back to my house. Ryan was supposedly "getting cigarettes at Wawa" but I knew that was a euphemism for, "I'm getting the fuck outta here and I'm passing the fuck out". Only Chelle and S were surprised when I received a text from Ryan that said cryptically, "I suck" ten minutes later. I opened up a beer, took a sip and while Chelle and S were enjoying a cancer stick on my deck...I went upstairs and went to bed. I sent a couple of text messages to Todd before that, which is perfectly acceptable as he called seven times between 3:38 am and 4:48 am on Friday morning. I love the fact that the two of us might have the most one tracked mind. But I heard nothing from him...actually I still haven't heard from him. He's irratating. And that, ladies and gents sums up my night where nothing happened. I sat on a bar stool and watched time pass me by. Oh, it was A the skinhead's birthday--Chelle and I bought him a shot and I let him play Slayer on the jukebox while I was trying to pick songs. That was my excitement of the night.
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