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Friday, May 06, 2005
The Game Plan For Tonight (Rub Hands Maniacally When Reading Title)
Tonight my dear friends, Romans and countrymen I am going to a cultural event. I am going to the theater (say it with a British accent and let it roll off your tongue), if I actually told you what I was going to see you'd laugh your asses off but unfortunately, I cannot. Let me just ears and eyes will be bleeding later because it's a musical. And it's my least favorite (although I don't have a favorite--[shrugging]) musical ever...this should be great. I hope I get great karma points for this. Afterwards however, my work friends and I are going boozing! Oh boy, doesn't that sound like fun?

We have so many options now that I don't need to talk to Drk every waking moment...we could go to thitwbar, we could go to FQB, we could go to my old "local" bar, we could go to the very trendy microbrewery...hell, we could even hit up the bar at Applebees if we wanted! Although I hope that we don't.

What else is on my menu (the boy menu)? I don't know. (Whine with me), "I want a night with Matty" (now stomp your feet and pout). I'm an absolute idiot (stomp feet again). Ok, so he's out until the long legged lady gets the hell out of my way (Cr gives it a month, but she hasn't seen them together--it's sickening...well for me; others might find it endearing). Who else? Well we have Todd. I bet a dollar that he'll call me tonight. Good sex, but it would be bad politics if he has a girlfriend (it would also be bad for my karma...although I will be racking up karma points tonight--perhaps creating karmic balance? See how my mind works?) Hmm, I will think about this one...well until I'm drunk and then I'll let my loins do the thinking for us. My loins aren't known for their smarts, but between them and my ass they manage to get us some action. Who else? I would like to see Hot Cop, but it's dodgeball night I think. Does dodgeball go on all night? Who plays dodgeball on Friday nights? I actually find it cool, but I want to start hanging out with this guy...go on dates...get some smooches in...and then let my loins take over (on the very proper 3rd date, of course...what? you don't believe me?)

I talked with M today. While at work I got a text asking me what I was wearing. Ummm let me think about that one. I'm at work...I'm a professional...I would assume that I'm wearing...absolutely nothing but a smile and some garters/stockings. Well at least that's what I sent back in the text. We had a nice chat, he's still with the girlfriend who I find incredibly annoying (especially because he dated her after me!) but he's the biggest flirt. I played along for a while but then decided that I wasted enough of my charm on him and I sent him on his way.

Here's hoping that it's going to be a fun night in the Cornfield and wherever you folks are as well! Fill you in tomorrow, or later on tonight in a series of drunken posts.
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