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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Call And You Shall...Umm...Get Called Back
That's right, Cute Cop called me back...23 mins after I called him. The problem? I was one foot already in the door of my gym. I stood outside in the freezing cold and chatted with him for a few minutes absolutely giddy that he called me back not even noticing the forty degree weather with forty mile an hour winds whipping by me. During our conversation this is what I learned:
-he has a very sexy voice
-he enjoys my nickname for him which is Hot [his name--I'm not giving it to you yet!].
-he plays on two softball leagues
-he plays dodgeball
-he has a mysterious "big drinking event" on Wednesday
-he's pretty funny. When he mentioned that he was pretty drunk on Sunday and then apologized because Sunday wasn't typically a "big drinking night" for him...I told him I knew that he was wasted when he started holding my hand at the bar. He took that little jab in stride saying that he "...needs support when he drinks. Somone to hold his hand and tell him...go ahead and get sloppy drunk and make out with me later..." that made me laugh...and it relieved me to know that at least he hadn't forgotten that part (or that he had been briefed on his actions).

So what does this all mean? It means that he got my text messages but not my phone number because Nextel cut it off...when he talked to my co-worker he said, "Tell her that I got her messages but I don't have her number" which is a little less harsh than what I previously had quoted him as saying. It also means that he's busy all freakin' week with all of his extra curricular activities...softball tonight, drinking tomorrow (some guy's night thing previously planned), softball Thurs., Dodgeball on Friday night after work...and he has to work until Sunday. Sunday is Mother's Day, but he said he could do something after we both got to hang with our mommies, or Monday or Tuesday.

So what does all this mean? It means that I'm excited that we are going to hang out! I'm kind of feeling eeeehhh about the fact that he's not jumping to make room in his week for the VERY important me... I guess guys can never win. I was upset that he didn't call, now I'm pissed that he won't rearrange his life--damn him!! Only kidding, kind of. But when I said, "Ok well give me a call on Sunday" do you know what he says? He says, "Oh no Sugar...I called you back. Now it's your turn and I look forward to your call." And the bastard hung up the phone. Oh I like this one!
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