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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
There's a First Time For Everything...
Punk Rock Princess had this great idea for a post and she said we could steal I did. I'm not going to make into a meme, so I'm not forcing you to do it too, but I have to say it's pretty darn fun and so I invite you to do so...(doesn't that sound nicer than commanding)! So here is my list of first-times...I hope all of you will share yours too.
My first...CD: Cinderella Last Train (um yeah, don't ask)
KISS: My very first real kiss was my neighbor Josh. I was hoping he would kiss me so I was nervously talking with him and eating pretzels. I remember Primus' My Name is Mud was on and Josh was trying to follow the bass line, and then he kissed me--pretzel crumbs and all.
FLOWERS: 7th grade. This boy named James asked me to the Basketball Dance with a few roses and a stuffed animal. I said no, and asked his best friend. His best friend said no. None of us went to the stupid dance.
BEER: That would be in 10th grade. As I recall I also was chasing the "bad" taste of beer down with Strawberry Yoohoo. A very dangerous combo...but I had an cast iron stomach back then apparently?
CONCERT: Same as PRP!!! It was NKOTB and Tiffany. I went with my mom and my friend her mom.
CAR: a 1978 black and gold El Camino. Older guys wearing wife beaters always whistled at me while I was driving it. Anyone my age just snickered when I drove past.
DAY of COLLEGE: My mom and dad were loathe to leave their only baby but didn't want it to, we had to go to the college town's Corn Festival (I don't lie) together. My mom and I went through the corn maze thingy and by midway I was screaming at her..."just drop me at my dorm, I can't take this anymore! I just want to get drunk, dammit." We quietly got back in the car and went to my dorm room.
BIKE: a chrome Diamondback. I thought I was badass.
DATE: in 5th grade I went on a date with James (of the flowers of 7th grade). My date sat two rows behind us when we went to see Vice Versa. James put his hand on my leg and I threw the popcorn in the air. It landed on the lap of the person in front of us.
JOB: I worked at Dairy Queen in Amish country.
PET: a Doberman named Schatze
BROKEN BONE: I attempted to do an Olympic move I saw them do on the uneven bars on well...a clotheline pole. It ended badly.
STICHES: Josh told me he'd catch me if I attempted to reinact Jimmy "Superfly" Snooka's move off the top of his bunkbed. He stepped out of the way and I landed on my chin on his hardwood floors. It looked like I had a little beard, and I had about six stiches.
AWARD: It would probably be bowling trophies...yep, I've got lots of them. I guess they're in the attic at my mom's house.
CIGARETTE: Sometime in college I think. Maybe before but I can't remember.
FIST FIGHT: I beat up an older boy for making fun of my dad. I basically kicked the crap out of him. We ended up being friends. I was his muscle I think.
BOYFRIEND: Josh. If we want to get specific, he was also my first husband. I was married to him by my neighbor when I was four. Then my first boyfriend would've been James (if you're counting beyond age 4).
SPRING BREAK: Panama City Beach Fla. If you've read the blog then you know how lame of a time that I had.
BAR: Orky's. I had a fake ID at 19 and my name was Vicki Lynn Monroe. My picture looked absolutely nothing like good ol' Vic.
LOVE: I have only really been in love once. It was V. It was great while going on, shitty when it ended. And I don't think he was in love with me, but I really thought he was at the time.
TIME (wink, wink): Once again like PRP, my first time wasn't special and it wasn't special on purpose as well. I was scared out of my mind. I was sick of being a virgin (it was by choice, and then it was out of embarassment, then it was nervousness...) so it was this guy named Mike. I hooked up with him once more but we never had sex again. Oh and one mortifying moment was when his friend was in the cafeteria and I walked by and heard, "and Mike said she was really tight." I kind of high tailed it out of there...

So if you decide to do a list of firsts, let me be the first to know! I'd love to read yours.
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