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Friday, April 22, 2005
Where's My Wingman?
So last night of course, the Booty Call Queen gets paged, or called, or text messaged...or communicated to in any which way that you can imagine. And like always, I'm already snug as a bug in a rug and I'm not getting up for any kind of sex after I've already been asleep. Ok, I lie...Matty called once and I woke up and got a shower for that. BUT not this time. He called at 11:40pm and I was already asleep, I didn't even hear the phone ring...but believe me, had I? I would've jumped up and answered it...I'm more than a little sex starved, although I can't complain because it's all my own doing. And then Todd also called at 1:00 am "just to talk." His phone message was pretty funny because he was wasted and he was apologizing into the phone about things that happened over three years ago. I guess that he too, was sex starved. But alas, my phone was off for that too...which I can't say is a bad thing. Actually, it's a really good thing.

I should've known it was going to be a weird night when I started receiving text messages from a random number I didn't recognize asking me, "Do you want to fuck?" As I didn't recognize the number I just responded, "It depends on who this is?" and all the person responded with was, "I'm married." So I just replied, "No thanks then and I think you're texting the wrong person because I have no idea who you are." I received (what I thought was) a final message that said, "Ok" except for the rest of the night I received the same "duplicate message" all night "Want to fuck?" and it annoyed me to know that that this moron was wasting all of my texts for the month. Arrrgggh.

Tonight, well that's going to suck too, perhaps worse than wasting all of my texts with some weirdos. I'm in the mood to pick up one of my boys up at the bar. Not a stranger mind you, just one of my old familiar boys that live in my town. Instead it looks like I'm spending most of the weekend home alone. The best my "wingman" aka Chelle can do is hit the tanning bed, the gym and the mall in that order. Which does nothing for my needs. Why doesn't anyone want to go out drinking anymore? Why is everyone getting old? Ry's out of town, Nina's out of the country, Ml's out of town...meh...

Sorry everyone, I'm in a crappy mood. I'm done work in four minutes and the most excitement I'm going to have today is getting skin cancer in a stand up booth for ten minutes. I just might have to walk up to thitwbar myself and attempt to blend in with people so it doesn't look like I'm the pathetic girl at the bar with no friends. But I always talk this game and then I never go because I'm too embarassed to be that girl at the bar with no friends and plenty of drinks in front of her!
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