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Thursday, April 21, 2005
Always the Last to Find Out...
So the other night I heard a snippet of a song while I was watching a rerun of "Third Watch" (yeah, I'm just that scintillating ALL the time) and I fell in love with it. So like any sane person I grab my pen and a piece of paper and write down the lyrics that I can discern. Then I do an Internet search and find out that it's the band The Negro Problem and that this lyricist named Stew is a genius. The song is Burn and if you go here, this guy has a link to a live version of it. Why is it that I'm the last to know? The song gives me goosebumps and now that I purchased the rest of the CD I am in love. Again.

Wouldn't it make a nice goofy "let's dance in my living room" song for myself and Derek? I can see it now...there I am barefoot in my living room, Der's "towering" over me, all 5'6" of him. I'll sing to him in my off key voice. It'll be great, if only the dogs wouldn't jump up on us while we were dancing...oh and if I could lure him here for carnal reasons. Of course the lyrics are bit of a downer and definitely not going in the direction of "our great love affair".

Love the lyrics, simple but great:
I don't bleed you
I just need to see you
I would love to turn your vice
And make a silly error twice
She isn't dreamy
She just needs to see me
Drowning in the mainstream flow
And frowning wherever I go
So come down now little one
Leave your place in the sun
I come in bleeding
Stumbling round and needing
I would love to burn your trash
And make a picture with the ash
I come in storming
Before your cloud starts forming
I would love to cut your hair
And leave and empty promise there
So come down now little one
Leave your place in the sun
Start your engine
But don't forget to mention
To your friend that I need work
Don't remind her I'm a jerk
Enter clowning
Enjoy me while I'm downing
Drink tickets and poison herbs
Courtesy of the suburbs
So come down now little one
Leave your place in the sun
posted by Melina at 4:45 PM