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Monday, April 18, 2005
When She Says She Has To Wash Her Hair, She's Not Lying
So as I was finishing up my last post my cell phone rings. I know exactly who it is because it's a Monday evening and for some reason, he now calls every Monday evening...he also has a specific ringtone (well specific to all of my booty call boys...). Yes you guessed it, Matty. I looked down at my ripped flannel Pjs and my long sleeve t-shirt which I just threw as an interim outfit before I showered as I roughed it up with the dogs.

And I didn't answer the phone.

I picked it up, was about to flip it open and...he hung up.

What now?

I'm going to hop in the shower just in case he calls back, but I'm just soo tired. Work kicked my ass, my workout kicked my ass...and I can hardly think of getting a piece of ass--with one exception--if Drk were to call right now. But even if he called at 11pm I'd ignore his call tonight. Where the hell was Matty at 2am on Thursday and Friday when I called his tight ass? Booty call synchronization is what is absolutely necessary. Perhaps we will discuss. Perhaps tonight. Perhaps not.
posted by Melina at 9:50 PM