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Sunday, April 17, 2005
Doing The Old Interview Thing Again--Sassy's Questions
These questions were given to me from the sassiest nurse around...check her out. If you'd like to participate in this blog-a-thon question thingamajiggy I would be happy to interview you...but I know people don't enjoy the whole chain letter feel of these things. [shrugging] To each their own, I love answering these things! So here we go.
You seem to be so wonderfully confident and self assured. Tell me about your deepest insecurity about yourself. Hmm, my biggest insecurity. Well it would probably be the whole body image thing especially since I surround myself with all these incredibly gorgeous friends are not only the coolest chicks around---they are also probably the hottest ladies around. I'm not fat or ugly but sometimes I don't hold a candle to my friends. These insecurities only arise really once a month or when we're all laying out at the beach it's not that often.
Is sex better for women or for men? Please explain.
Better how? Isn't sex like pizza? Even when it's not so good, it's still pretty good, right? I guess guys probably have it a slight bit better because they are guaranteed to get off, but I haven't met too many guys that can have multiple orgasms so--it may be a draw. Also, men can separate emotions from sex so that allows opportunity for more sex--because I think the emotions thing holds some women back (which isn't a bad thing I guess). I don't know if I answered the question but I mulled it over a bit.
Why DRK? Why is he the chosen recipient of your deepest desires and affections? What is it about him that has "hooked" you and spoiled you for all other men?
It all started out with me just being physically attracted to him. Ok, he's short and not a buff guy or anything but there is something so incredibly sexy about him. After talking with him I look at him and see someone I can sit on a porch with in fifty years and we would still have something to talk about. We always have off the wall conversations. I like how he does his own thing and he doesn't appear to care about what people think about him--you know like wanting to be a pirate? Oh and there's not a single person alive who doesn't have a good thing to say about Drk--kindness is pretty hot as well. Why has he spoiled me for all other men? Well I'd be lying if I didn't say that the fact that the chase is pretty enticing as well. He's probably the only guy to not take me up on my offer...again, not trying to sound all full of myself, but it's kind of true. I wouldn't say that he's spoiled me for all other men yet, but he's certainly on his way--he has taken pretty good care of me (in my drunken moments) for just being a "kind-of" friend. We hardly knew each other a couple of months he won't let me walk two blocks by myself at night and leaves work to drive me home.
If you ever had the chance, would you take a road trip around the US and Canada to meet your blog friends? Who would you visit and what souveniers would you collect along the way?
The road trip idea would be really cool, although maybe a tad bit weird at first. I mean how many friends do you have that knew everything about them before you actually became good friends?? I guess I'd head on down the coast and hang out with the Kickball Superstar, maybe we could get a kickball game only souvenir would be brush burned legs...from sliding into the bases you pervs!! Then I would go down to Florida and visit Gigi and her husband Geoff. Hopefully Gi and I would be able to do a little bonding over pedicures and maybe more than a few drinks. I'd head over "deep in the heart of Texas" to hang out with the Paper Merc. We'd hit up the bars and I'd pretend that I was 21 again. I'm sure I'd drink him under the table and all the hot 21 year old "beckies" would be jealous that his cute ass was hanging out with me. For my souvenir? I'd have to steal a kiss. Then it would be back on the road, making my way up to Sassy, Scoot and NJ. I don't even know what trouble the three of us would get into but I'm sure I'd have to hightail it out of there in time to visit Jackie. After working out together, we'd go out to dinner and Jackie could commentate what the waitresses are thinking about all the customers and then we'd booze it up. Because I don't want to break up her marriage with all our wild carousing I would have to leave after a few days of debauchery. I'd figure a way to weasel in some time with Bryanna and see how she manages to be so freaking beautiful but sweet as well. Maybe we'd trade lipglosses or something. Hopefully, I'd be able to trek it over to NY where I would hang out with BR. I'd trade him some reading material and I would attempt to talk him into pursuing a career in blog review professionally. I would hope that Deanne, Paul and all of my other friends that live on another continent might be able to meet me in NY too (because I'm too poor to fly anywhere right is flight included in the definition of a road trip??). Somehow, I'd have to go up and hang out with MJ too...we'd drink, talk about books, about the trials and tribulations of being dirt poor due to our student loans...etc. Then I'd come home to my friends Drk, Chelle, Ml, Nina, Ryan in the Cornfield...happy to be home again. And of course, you're all more than welcome to pull up a seat next to me at thitwbar anytime.
What is the meaning of life? The meaning of life in my book is live it. It's to add something to the world, to take only your fair share, to have no regrets, to make make meaningful connections with people to actually connect with them and not to see what you can take from them. Basically beyond all the sex and booze I try to live my life by following the guidelines of this Emerson quote.
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