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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Two For One Mondays? I Didn't Realize That I Had That Coupon
Two for one Mondays huh? Who knew? What am I referring to? Matty and M's tag team approach to Monday night booty.

Now neither boy knows the other. Matty lives in the Cornfield with me and M doesn't. Matty has a real job, M doesn't. Matty can grow facial hair, M is lucky that he can make it into a bar legally ( I swear I didn't know he was 21 back when I dated him...he looks a bit older). However, with no interaction with each other and not knowing each other...they have the uncanny ability to piggyback their requests. Here's how it played out last night:

9:55pm Matty calls. I don't answer because he hangs up before I decided to pick up...and then I didn't have enough energy to call him back.
10:05 pm Text message from M- "Who ya doing?" Kidding. What's up?
10:10 pm Text back to M- "I'm in bed by myself, going to sleep because I have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow. But thanks for checking in with me and seeing who I'm sleeping with."
10:11 pm Text from M-"Just checking. I wanted to offer my services!"
10:12 pm Text back to M- "Thanks but I'm beat and I already turned down sex tonight."
10:13 pm Text from M- "Maybe next time. Get some sleep girlie!"

10:30 pm- I obliged him by snoring away (I think).
11:11pm- Me: "huh? what's going on?" Realize that I'm talking to myself in the dark and that my phone must've just hung up because it was still glowing...I grab it, peer at it like a mole in the dark. Matty. I roll over and sleep.

Today: email with Chelle (not exact but a close replication)
Chelle: So fill me in, what's going on with your men?
Melina: Nothing. You know what's going on with Drk--uh nothing, well except for those text messages. Guys suck!
Chelle: Have you talked to Matty?
Melina: No he called last night and so did M.
Chelle: Well that sounds like Matty, always calling on Mondays.
Melina: What's up with that? Is Monday the new Thursday? Or what? I can't start my week off feeling like I'm behind in sleep and you know that Matty makes me stay up for hours...well he doesn't make me but we always end up staying up too late.
Chelle: Yeah, it seems like you have real man problems...geez, poor Matty.
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