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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
That Moment Between Girl and Woman
I saw it today...I don't know if you've seen Finding Neverland but my boyfriend, um I mean Depp's character says that you can see the exact moment when a boy becomes a man...he gives some sad example and I think I bawled for the rest of the movie on so I really couldn't tell you anything about it...the important part of this post? I saw it.

I know this girl who's about 15 or 16 years old. You can tell that this girl is a Titian beauty...but, (refreshingly) she's not all Brittany Spearsed out. She's an athlete from what I can tell and she typically wears tomboy outfits of Adidas pants, a t-shirt and her long dark red pulled into some haphazard ponytail. She doesn't wear any makeup except maybe a touch of eyeliner. I can't see how boys her age pass her by. She's the "buddy". I feel like screaming at them..."Look at her!"

You remember those stupid movies where the "ugly" girl becomes pretty as soon as she takes off her glasses, puts on some make up, a swanky dress and a new sense of confidence because some guy has taken interest in her? Well that happened today in this story... The tomboy passed by my house today as I was getting ready for work and I did a triple take.

Her hair was down, full and wavy, this auburn shade that no bottle could ever copy with deep veins of golden blond. Her outfit was so her (even though I don't know her). It was edgy but classy...a little punk rock in style, just plain awesome in color choice. She wore light makeup and tiny heels. She held onto her sophisticated strut, she owned this. I heard the boy at the corner say, "Damn [ ] what happened to you last night? I heard her reply, "Nothing happened to me. Put your tongue back in your mouth and don't touch me." And in the moment I saw the girl become a woman. All I can say to her is good luck and congratulations. It looks like she's finding her way just fine.
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