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Saturday, April 23, 2005
Playette Got Played?
Todd and I have a great ability to call each other out of the blue and ask for certain favors. He was out of my life for three years and now that we both live in the Cornfield (he's a recent transplant) I'm not going to lie and say that it's not convenient, because it sho' is! The deal that I made with him was...I will be happy to have sex with him anytime as long as he's not with his girlfriend (they have an incredibly turbulent/high school relationship). This ensures us both good sex and no one leaves the bedroom feeling used or less powerful than the other and yes, it allows me to stay away from relationships because deep down we all know that I hate to give me heart out...piece of ass, yes. Heart no. This pact of ours has worked out well. Until today that is.

He just called me and said to me that he was on his way over to the (possibly) ex-girlfriend's house right now to decide whether or not if it was over. Hold up...excuse me? Decide? I thought that decision was made already? Isn't that what he told me yesterday? Didn't he say that [insert girlfriend who wears platform tennis shoes with dressy outfits here] wasn't driven, was immature and that he didn't want her moving into his apartment? Didn't he say that he realized that he could never marry this girl and therefore was "cutting them both loose"? Suddenly I'm thinking that my "friend" Todd is a bit of a liar...and I will call him out on it when I see him next. Damn, it almost makes me regret banging (I just love using that euphemism for makes me picture me slamming his head on the headboard or something) that boy. Almost but not quite.
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