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Saturday, April 23, 2005
Ex's to the Rescue
I never thought I'd say it...but I'm glad that I have ex boyfriends, without them I would've had a sad lonely night. Instead, I had a great night, got laid AND I partied my little ass off until 5:30 am. Let me tell you how this happened.

Todd called me at 7:30 while I was in the tub and left a message a) apologizing for his message the previous night and b) he said he wanted to hang out. I was immediately suspicious because he wants to "hang out" with me as much as I want to hang out with him. Basically, when we "hang out" our clothing is off and bodily fluids are being shared...that's pretty much our friendship level.

I called him back and I'm even more amazed because S is with him. I dated Todd three years ago. Last summer I dated S for about two was hardly dating but whatever. S is crazy. He's a nice guy who probably should never drink and never do another drug in his life. He punctuates every sentence with "Ya know what I'm saying?" That pretty much drove me crazy and made me want to poke out my ear drums. I broke up with S because he called me a whore in my own house...and for no reason, and in front of people. Granted, I knew he was wasted but, I don't deal with that kind of crap.

So I told Todd that I would hang out and that I wanted to go to thitwbar. We go there and the boys are already drunk so I decide to catch up. Todd I can at least have a conversation with but S was already spouting crazy talk. Sweet Cheeks is bartending and smirks when S and I make a deal...basically I said if you make any derogatory comment about me I will kick you in the teeth. At that Sweet Cheeks says, "Slut" and I laugh because I know he's kidding. And then he says, "Drk's band got a last minute gig down at FQB, what are you doing with this clowns, why aren't you with your man?" To which I had to reply that he hadn't called me to tell me. And Sweet Cheeks shrugged and said, "He only found out at five tonight, you should go down." But my escorts weren't having it. The boys were sick of thitwbar and the fact that they had competition because I was talking with everyone that I knew there so they suggested that we go to the other bar in the Cornfield besides FQB. I acquiesced but only after I get to say hello to Hot Ronnie and Mikey. Oh that Mikey, he's full of compliments. He says, "You smell nice, what is that?!?" and before I can answer Hanai Morae (I have no idea how to spell it), he licks my neck! Well, I was basically just pulled out of the bar at that point.

Todd and I dropped S off at one bar and told him that we had to go let my dogs out. In reality, we did let the dogs out but then we decided to head up to my room. Sex with Todd is usually fun because he lets me do what I want. When we were together I appreciated that, but now I just suspect that he's lazy in bed. But maybe he's not, maybe he just lets the girl take charge...I don't know. After all needs were satisfied, we quickly threw our clothes back on and raced over to the bar where we dropped S off at. Drama ensues.

Todd's on again/ off again girlfriend calls him (I don't sleep with him when they are together...I do have rules). She's sitting in his apartment. He gives me a pleading look and says "I have to go deal with this." I shrug and say, "Whatever Todd. I'm used to you being a dick." So he leaves the bar and fifteen minutes later comes back with many apologies and no girlfriend. He asks, "Why weren't you ever psycho?" and I reply with a smile, "Because you weren't worth getting psycho over." He shrugged, and really what else could he do?

After the bars closed. Todd, S and S's co-worker and I decided to head back to my place. We sat at my bar drank, sang some songs and then Todd and I saw a perfect opportunity to head back up to my room for a quickie. Ah quickies! Good times. After that we headed back down to hang out with the boys and I decided it was time for me to sleep so I elegantly passed out on the couch while the boys continued to party into the wee hours of the night.
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