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Sunday, April 19, 2009
Is it wrong that I'm planning to get drunk in July already?
Every year (well...we've only had two wedding anniversaries but...)John and I go to a different city for our anniversary and do a little sight seeing but mostly we go to get drunk in a city foreign to us. Shocking but true, John and I love to drink. I've always liked Carribean destinations myself but John has turned me into a city loving-vacationer because he fills me to the brim with _______ (insert liquor here...most likely, dirty gin martinis or lots of beer). I'm guessing that this year's drunkapolooza will not be able to go down as they have in the past because of our spawning (Oh child, why must you interfere with Mommy's drinking? ha ha...kidding), which on most occasions is cool but I guess I'm going to have to get my anniversary/drunkfest done in Clarion, PA this year when we're out at a wedding two weeks before our anniversary. I just did some research and there are about 7,000 people living in Clarion and the "sights" are hunting and maybe a little farmer's market action. I sense some VFW or hunting club drinking that weekend.

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