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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
I'm back bitches
Blogging is always on my mind. I get cross with myself because I think of all the things I want to be doing and I don't get any of them done...this includes blogging, showering and doing actual work for work. I've almost gotten over the fact that I give up showers for extra sleep...I don't call it laziness, I call it me time. (You say tomato, I say fuck you). I haven't gotten over the fact that I haven't been blogging.

But anyways...

I really miss blogging so I'm going to make an effort to just toss out a stupid post here and there--posts that don't involve Tommy every second, because really? That child takes up enough of my brain, he can leave my blog be...thank you very much. Last week was my Spring Break and sometimes I think back to the days of yore when I would enter and win wet t-shirt contests...I think I could still win one. I'm willing to test my theory. However, this year I wasn't fated to test it out because I was sick as a dog--which is what my body does to me every. single. vacation I ever have. I would totally kick my body's ass if it didn't require coordination and effort. I was so sick to the point where my mom had to come over and take care of me (let me sleep, ply me with meds and liquids) and take care of the baby. It was the most relaxing and soothing day of my life post baby--she made me lunch, dinner (with dessert! bless her heart!) and let me sleep for HOURS, it was amazing. Had I not been so deathly ill I would've kissed her hard.
Ok, so this wasn't an earth shattering post but I'm easing myself back into being awesome.
What's been going on with you?

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posted by Melina at 8:53 PM