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Thursday, October 04, 2007
Blogger and Work are Enemies
It's so tough now that I'm blocked from work. I can read blogs but I can't blog. I get this amazing idea and then I forget it because...well, I can't blog from work. So we'll have to settle for some quick updates and I promise just to start writing my stuff at work and then transfer it later so that none of my witty thoughts get lost.

What to do When There's Nowhere to Poo

John and I have been renovating our upstairs bathroom since June. We made the conscious decision not to work on it until we have money for it so that we stop racking up the credit card bills...that means that we only have one toilet in the house that's working. The other night, that toilet's seat decided to pop off. John eloquently put it, as I perch on it precariously, "We're running out of places to poop around here!" and he's not kidding!!! Luckily, I got paid yesterday so I'm buying us a new seat to place our seats on this weekend.

The Master Quoiters

This weekend, we will be participating in another "friendly" quoit tournament. Last time, it was just over six gazillion degrees and we were hungover/trying to stay hydrated and we were knocked out of a double elimination with a one two punch. This Saturday, after I proctor a fun five hour test known as the SAT, we will once again try to hold our own...or at least beat one team!! Go Team Awesome!!! (that's our team...and our name? Well, it's a little ironic because we kinda far from awesome).


Bitches Coming Together (the girls I work with) will be holding another meeting on Monday, this time the theme is October Fest. I'm literally drooling in anticipation for good German beer and potato pancakes...oh, my poor thighs, they hate me.

Sexy Time

I'm still trying to decide if we're ready for a baby. Some days I totally am, and then some days I look at my bank statement and think, "Yeah dude, it doesn't matter if you're ready, your money really isn't." So yeah, I think I'm ovulating this weekend and for once instead of being jealous of all my pregnant friends (you know who you are!! Cr, Chelle and Tash!!) I'm ready for a lot of sexy time with Johnny...with no thoughts of conception whatsoever. So, prepare yourself, brace whatever you have to do John, because in some of the immortal words of Ice Cube, you will be putting your back into it! I'm just sayin'!!

Savings and Loan

John and Melina are trying to be good little boys and girls by avoiding the bars at all costs so that we have a little spending money rather than breaking even every week (don't fear, John's stacking away lots o' cash towards retirement too...and I, least I have a pension...). It's going to be rough to stay out of thitwbar, but hopefully we can manage. The first weekend is always the hardest. Hey! You try turning down anywhere from 6-15 of your closest/drunkest friends when they come begging you to head up to a bar that's a block and a half away from your house. We may have to turn off our phones, lock our doors and sit in the dark.

And yeah...that's what's going on in my neck of the woods.

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