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Monday, September 24, 2007
Happy Birthday Baby Girl...

Four years ago we didn't even know each other on your birthday and then on Christmas Eve I was doing my final gift run and I passed the pet store in the mall. I heard my mother, my friends and even my mailman's voice saying to me, "You can't get a puppy from a pet store!" and I wasn't even planning on it. But then I saw you. A tiny little ball of pure chocolate velvet. I ran into the store and asked if I could see you. The large man grunted and said, "That one? That one hardly moves...". and then he handed you to me. You looked at me with impossibly beautiful jade green eyes and you cautiously sniffed my hair as I held you close to my face. I set you down on the ground and crouched to see you wobble on tiny little legs. You peed on my sneaker. The man who obviously hated dogs and more particularly you said to me, "Sorry lady, want me to take the runt from you?"

He reached to grab you and I instictively grabbed you off the ground and held you tightly against my chest. "I'll take her. Here's my card. Francesca and I are going to need a collar and a leash so that we can get out of the mall."
"Who the hell is Francesca?" the man inquired.
"This beautiful little girl" I replied nuzzling you with my eyes closed and probably looking like the biggest loser in the world.
"Hmmpf", was his reply and I think I heard him mutter about how I named you within minutes of knowing you. We left the store quickly. I held you tight against me as we weaved in and out of holiday shoppers, stopping only to allow small children to coo over you (it was the holiday season after all). We made it to Nordstrom and you were grunting like a little pig and so I let you waddle next to me as we closed in on the door that would provide us freedom from retail hell, when I noticed that you decided you needed to poo...and that you were already pooping on the floor! Leave it to you to wait until we're in the snobbiest store in the mall! But the women were gracious and they cleaned it up and played with you, even though I insisted on doing it. I scooped you up one more time and got us to the car. Your tiny snores made me giggle the whole way home.

The next day our lives were turned upside down. I came home from work and you were listing in your crate. I pulled you out of it and mucus was streaming out of every orrifice (not a very good look for you baby) and you were breathing so weakly. I called the vet in a panic. She told me that it was just "new puppy jitters" and that perhaps you just had a cold. I tried to explain. Then I just got pissed. I told the vet she could explain it to me when I got there. I tucked you into my coat and pressed you against my favorite sweater...your snot stained it somehow, it doesn't matter now and it didn't matter then. Racing to the office, they took one look at you and said gravely, "Take her to the emergency room, your puppy is on death's door!" Not exactly the words I wanted to hear, but as tears poured down my face I vowed to make you better.

Long story short, you nearly died of pneumonia that night. You see, you weren't a runt, you weren't lazy either...the fucking pet store hadn't taken care of you my sweet. Nineteen days in the animal emergency medical center later (several of those days you were in a oxygen tent...I had a Bubble Puppy!) I picked you up healthy as can be. Sure I had a brand new credit card that strictly held only your medical bills but I had you back, safe and sound.

They told me, "I'm sorry we had to give your Lab these medications that might possibly stunt her growth, so she's most likely not going to be very big..." and then they trailed off. I smiled and looked at your tiny little mug, so precious, so absolutely loving and said, "It's ok. Francesca...hmm, that's a big girl's name huh? Ummmm...." looking at you and trying to figure out if I should rename you, "Frankie...Frankie! and I are going to be just fine."

And we have been. Thank you for singing "Blue Christmas" whenever Elvis does, thank you for alerting me whenever the fire sirens go off, even at 4am. It's always better safe than sorry. Thank you for whining/crying at the door when I come home and showing me that you love me so much. Thank you for wearing the skull and crossbone shirt with the rhinestones that I know that you're not quite a fan of. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for being my Cranky Frankie.

Love you baby! Happy fourth birthday my beautiful little dog. You make our lives a little nicer just having you around.

Mom and Dad

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