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Thursday, September 06, 2007
Make it work...

1. I think I'm delirious at work. I think I have a new sleeping sickness...I NEED sleep, all the time now! I remember the days when I'd sleep for three hours and then go to work. Now I whine if I'm up past 10:16pm...perhaps I'm just old? Nah, it has to be some sort of sleeping sickness.

2. I believe that my deliriousness is only adding to my quality of life because it keeps me laughing. Today I was reading the paper and I did a double take when it said, "Jesus Makes Thighs Look Skinny!" which would've been a far more awesome feat than that water into wine shtick. Of course, when I looked at that paper a second time, it really just stated, "Jeans Make Thighs Look Skinny!"...not quite as much fun when I thought some kind of thigh-master-miracle- Jesus was on the loose!

3. I've learned that I have secret statistics skills I never knew that I possessed. Last week in my night class we were given a pre-test. I started to sweat because I suck at tests and quite possibly at life. I tried to reason out each of the questions even though I didn't know a single term and everything seemed to be encrypted in some secret/stupid language. Right before we got the results yesterday a girl smugly told me that I didn't understand the difference between the "independent variable" and the "dependent variable" in some study that she was describing. I admitted, "I'm sorry, were you talking? I can't concentrate on these variable thingamagigs". She laughed and said, "I bet you put D. "I don't know" onall the answers on the pre-test, didn't you?" Obviously, she doesn't know me...I'd rather guess than admit that I have no clue about something. For once, this skill totally paid off because I somehow pulled a 100% out of nowhere (on a pre-test that means absolutely nothing) and I was able to gloat to Miss Dependent Variable when I saw that she only received an 80%!! Yay! I love gloating!!

4. I love living in a world where my friend describes something known as a Candy Corn Hershey Kiss...this is a world of morals, principles, bravery and sacrifice. Actually, I just LOVE CANDY CORN!! Thank you Hershey for making my dream into a reality.

5. Finally, I heart Tim Gunn! So, when I found out that my friend from college was going to be on the show I was incredibly jealous. Go watch Becca tonight at 10 pm on Bravo and be prepared as she told me, "Bring some wine because there's going to be a whole lot of cheese!" I'm so if only T.G. could get out of NYC for a second and come help me with mywardrobe crises

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