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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Taco Night...Was it a date or wasn't it?
Well "Taco Night" was a success. For one, it was great to get out of my little hometown and into the city. T and I braved traffic and made it down there by 6:30. We were a little anxious, as we looked slightly out of place...hmmm, let me see, everyone has black glasses, punk rock outfits or glam rocker outfits on. Pink long sleeve thermal shirt with red stars on it for me? Check. Pink pea coat? Check...look over at T and she's looking equally "cute". Cute doesn't look like it really cuts it with this crowd. But hey, I'm me and she's she...and so we mingled just fine...I still had the urge to rip my shirt off and say, "Look I'm as tattooed up as you are...I just don't have a full sleeve of them!!" But I didn't. I remained cool, and remained myself.

We bellied up to the bar and miraculously, in a completely packed bar, there are two bar stools waiting for us. But these stools were no ordinary stools (oh no!), they were gold glittery vinyl with thick brass studs on it's borders...these stools were like the cadillac of bar stools...the most comfortable thing I've ever had the luck to sit upon. I wanted to steal one and even tried to think of some plausible way, but they were far too plush to put under my shirt!

John showed up and at first it was a little awkward, nervous and tense but within minutes the conversations just flowed, stopping only to take a sip of beer or to munch on a taco. There were only a few awkward moments like when he said, "Hey! You went to a Farm School, what's it like to milk a cow?" and me being a little tipsy stating, "The same as milking..." well you know what I said, and then I realized what came out of my mouth, I turned red and drank more beer. But the cool thing was, he had an equally odd statement that he said, "There, we're even." And we were. I have to say though, I seriously hate drinking at bars that have mirrors behind the bar. I realized that my new shirt made my chest look about twice the size. Some ladies would be happy to hear that and would be jumping through hoops to find out where I got my shirt but I have to say, I thought it looked kind of ridiculous and I was thanking the fact that I was wearing a crew neck and not a V neck because it would've been really, really bad.

T and I decided to leave around nine because we didn't want to be drinking and driving so it was kind of an abrupt end. We walked out into the rain and I started to cross the street, unsure if he wanted to hug me goodbye, and I turned back and hugged him. He said, "I was wondering where you were running off to..." and I giggled replying, "I wasn't sure if you wanted to..." and he said, "Hug? I'd hug you on the first..." and then never said date. Damn! I kind of wanted to know if I was on a date, or if I was just hanging out with a new friend...arrrrggh.

So now the dilemma...after discussing hanging out at his beach (trailer) this summer (he's a surfer, I'm a diver), discussing sharing a three-way...birthday party with him and T (ha ha gotcha didn't I?), and discussing everything else under the sun...I'm left with the question, "Have we become friends?" or will he be calling me to hang out 'fo' reals'?
It's always a whole lot easier when we just sleep together for me to know where I stand in all of this, and most of all...I have no idea where I stand in this. I think he's a cool guy, not someone I would ever picture that I would be interested in but when I'm talking to him, I like everything I learn about him.

My favorite thing? He hates using the phone and lives by text messages! That's my kind of man.

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